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Photo of a backyard full of snow, with dead branches and weeds showing through, and two large tree trunks in the distance..

What a wild week this has been, what with everything going on in the news. For me, I’m keeping the TV on other things besides the news stations to keep myself at least somewhat sane. That’ll be the Night Gallery marathon on Saturday morning, and Ray Bradbury Theater on Sunday morning. I’m also hoping I get the chance to visit the record shop, and maybe go somewhere downtown at some point this weekend. That’s assuming the weather holds out, though.

What are your plans this weekend? Drop ’em like they’re hot, and let’s talk. I’ve also got some links for us to share and talk about to get our minds off things, too.

This video’s now six years old, but just the same, I find myself coming back to it periodically.

Aunt Becky’s sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal a couple years back is over. It lasted for like a nanosecond, but she and her husband have a ton of community service to get through. Too bad their kids, along w/ the others whose parents were in on this, ended up being collateral damage in all this. Whatever their own accomplishments actually were, it all should’ve been good enough.

Great story about how a large windfall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I think it helps the rest of us prepare ourselves if we should ever end up in the same situation. Wherever he is, I hope he’s doing ok these days.

I love how Tyrese is giving back to his community like this. “Sweet Lady” was one of my favorite songs back in 7th grade, and I loved him in the Fast and the Furious movies.

Ways to help a loved one with their mental health. Even though it’s ways to help kids and teens, I feel like there’s valuable takeaways for everyone, regardless of age.

Love this site about the history of everyday objects. So far, I’m liking the one about white-out, and the one about Braille.

Everything we like about BLTs, now in a salad! I remember a few years back how kale was basically the hottest thing going. Suddenly every Tom, Dick, and Harry came out with something kale in their menus and snack offerings. I even remember how someone at one of those meal kit companies couldn’t seem to get enough of the stuff, since it was in literally every box they put out at one point, haha.

Obviously the amount this calls for is meant for a party (or a large family), but I feel like a smaller version of  this charcuterie board would work great as a meal-prep for DIY Lunchables, in some of those small containers with the compartments. Lunchables? Who’s she? Never heard of her…

This Sesame Street virtual marathon looks like fun. I’ve been thinking of doing it. Anyone else?

Regardless of your feelings toward Kim and Kanye, isn’t their place just the coolest or what? I love how they’ve got steps in that pool, instead of those ladders I usually see.



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