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It’s Friday, baby, and we all know what that means: weekend time! This week has been busier than I expected with me taking on more work from my day job, packing for the move, and another doctor’s appointment for my family member, so it’s been more quiet here than I really wanted it to be. The property manager of the new house says that while the people who lived there before us signed a lease that ends in April, there’s a huge possibility that we may be able to start moving in next week. I hope so.

The weather’s gonna be great this weekend, and if the universe wills it, my plan is to hit up Target for a few things, and also to see what’s new at the nearby Five Below. I’d also like to go to the record store if I have the chance to do so. It’s been a minute since the last time I made it over there, haha.

In the spirit of our weekend tradition, here’s some links to share with others, and talk about with them or in the comments below. Over to you, readers. What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot, and let’s talk!

As a heads-up, there’s mention of the hooked cross, as well as a photo of a painting with its’ depiction in this article. Anyhow, this talks about how our troops confiscated a lot of Third Reich propaganda, and its’ current place in a warehouse on an Army base. In 1982, Congress decided to repatriate what wasn’t overt in its’ ideology back to Germany, and that ended up being a couple hundred pieces. This isn’t open to the public, and with good reason. I’m guessing if it can’t even be shown on a site meant for adults, it’s gotta be next-level heinous.

The news about Orby going out of business came as a huge shock to me at first. I saw their commercials on TV like all the time. I was actually considering getting this for my family, but now I’m glad I didn’t. The up-front costs were out of my price range (and still are, haha), so I guess we can say I dodged a bullet. Roku it is for them. I got one last weekend, and I’m gonna play around with it before I give it to them to get a feel for it.

In the world of scammers, this article talks about how the feds cracked down on a charity scam operation. Charity scams are despicable on so many levels, and this also hits close to home for me. A family member of mine fell for something like this a few years back, and when I found out what was going on, they’d already sent quite a bit of money to these jackassholes. I called the number they had on their mailings, and they were nasty af from the start, when they didn’t know me from Eve. I reported their stupid asses to the state Attorney General’s office, and sent cease and desist letters to all of them, along with everyone they gave my family member’s information to, whether they were legit charities or not.

On that note, scammers pretending to be government agencies are also a thing. Remember, the SSA, IRS, or whatever other government agency will NEVER cold-call you out of nowhere and resort to threats and abuse. These agencies don’t do business like this. If on the off chance someone legit from the government acts that way? Report ’em to their oversight, b/c they don’t need to be in this line of work if that’s how they’re gonna be. Always report any of these calls you get to the FTC and your local attorney general’s office. Report the numbers they used on Spy Dialer and 800 Notes to get the word out. While you’re at it, you can always send their numbers my way, too. [EDIT 12-1-2021: The link to the 800 Notes website isn’t working. EDIT 2-26-2023: The link to the original article is gone, so I found a similar post instead.]

Great tutorial on how to paint particleboard furniture. I’ll definitely file it away for the future if or when I come across something like this in need of some paint.

What an insightful article about the African-American country singers of the 90s. I’m sad that I never heard of these artists until now, and more so that they never got much of a chance to get their feet in the door and get their music heard. What a lonely time indeed.

On  a similar note, this article talks about how our country music’s got a fanbase over in the African countries, and I think that’s great! BTW, I feel like the Esther Konkara video should totally air on The Country Network.

This sandwich works great as a lettuce wrap. Tried it last weekend, and even though I forgot about the tomatoes this time, it still works like a charm! I made the sandwich spread with a little bit of Maille’s regular Dijon mustard, and added in some of my favorite Old Style, and it’s great.

Up until I came across this, I’d only ever heard of Rocky Road as an ice cream flavor. The more you know, haha. I know what’s in the link is a holiday recipe, but I feel like it could totally work for St. Patrick’s Day and for Easter candies too. I may or may not make some of this before the move.



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