Happy Palentine’s Day 2022

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Today’s February 14th, and that means it’s Valentine’s Day 2022. It’s also referred to as Galentine’s Day. While we can argue that Galentine’s Day can include gals and those who identify as gals, I think we can do one better and call it Palentine’s Day. This way, we’re including those who aren’t gals, and who don’t identify as gals in our celebration.

Therefore, I’m calling this Palentine’s Day 2022. Let’s make it a thing.

This time a year ago, we talked about the prevalence of scams as part of the Weekend Docket, since Palentine’s Day fell on a weekend instead of a weekday like it is this year.

In the realm of common ways to spend Valentine’s Day, it typically involves a partner, whether that’s a guy, gal, or pal. The narrative surrounding Valentine’s Day is a fancy dinner at a restaurant, a buttload of roses, getting hammered, and lots of hot secks.

I’ve got a black halter-style, low-cut dress, and the neck reaches the waist. I’m guessing something like that would probably fit the bill at a fancy restaurant. It’s this, in case anyone’s wondering. (It also isn’t a sponsored link.) My mom hated that dress like nobody’s business. In my neck of the woods, there’s no way I’m wearing my that dress out in this weather. It’s so cold right now that it’s physically painful for me. It’s too cold to walk out in that, let alone anything else, haha.

But, back to the story. On top of the fancy restaurant scenario, a common practice in schools (at least here in the U.S., that is) is to give out little Valentine’s Day cards to classmates. When I was in elementary school, we had to have one for everyone. There were so many kids in my class that it took two boxes of cards. We’d all bring boxes to school for our card exchanges. Mine was always an empty Kleenex box decorated with red and pink tissue paper, construction paper, and buttons from my mom’s stash.

I may just make one like the one I remember for old time’s sake.

Later on in school, we could buy carnations, and by high school, Valentine’s Day was just another day for me. It stayed that way all through college, and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I tried relationships after college, and nothing worked out. Almost all of them caused me harm in some way or another, and after an incident that ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back, I gave up relationships altogether.

It’s a long story, and at this point, an ancient one at that. I’ll just say that everyone involved is now long gone from my life and on my shyt list.

I was done with relationships, done with the Relationship Industrial Complex, and done letting anyone else talk me into them. I felt like that if someone thinks Joe Blow Schmoe’s the bee’s knees, why, they can date Joe Blow Schmoe their own fuckin’ selves.

How ’bout them apples?

Instead, I put my efforts into my weight loss, and focusing on my day job. Nobody else wanted the love I had to offer, so I’ll take it for myself.

I was still early on in my weight loss mission, and I’d had roughly 5 grand saved up in my bank account at that time. I was looking for another job, one that offered a steady paycheck, and I had no luck whatsoever.

So, it was onward and forward with my weight loss. Sure, I had some hiccups along the way. Like I said before, weight loss isn’t a linear process.

Last year, I briefly touched upon Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day for me. It ended up being the absolute pits, due to my mom’s first of two hospital stays that year.

This year, I’m calling it Palentine’s Day, so regardless of how you readers identify, there’s a place for you in this celebration. My Palentine’s Day is still the pits, but in a different way.

I’ve made some cookies in celebration, which I’m posting about on Instagram soon. Right now, I’m listening to Starla and the Jewel Riders on the Rainbow Squad channel on Pluto. It’s the international version of the super short-lived Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

I also had plans for a bubble bath, but I don’t feel like staying up another four hours just so my hair can dry out.

I’ll put that on ice for another time, along with my plans to wear that dress out for a night on the town.

Over to you, readers. How are you spending Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Palentine’s Day? I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways, so drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s talk.

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