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Hey, what’s good, everyone? Can’t believe it’s Fri-yay already. That means one thing: weekend time! My weekend plans are to continue serving out my job search life sentence, and to work on some stuff I’ve taken on purely as a solid to someone. I need the money, otherwise I’d have turned it down. It’s a topic I can’t be bothered to give a rat’s ass about, and thankfully my name won’t be tied to it. It really sucks, but this is what it’s come to. I just gotta remind myself this isn’t forever. Just an in-the-meantime measure to buy these hiring managers more time to dick around w/ me, kick me while I’m down, and waste as much of my time as humanly possible in the process.

The silver lining is that this has told me moving on from copywriting was indeed the best decision I ever made in this wretched job search.

I’m also gonna do some meal-prepping. I may also hit up the mall for this dress that’s now on sale that I’ve wanted for a long time. Dammit, Habitual, why must y’all keep putting out the coolest stuff? I’m dead serious, I’m gonna buy every outfit they have out this season when I get a new job and get my first paycheck.

‘Nuff about me. How ’bout you, readers? What are your weekend plans? Lemme guess, y’all are going to go to Disney World? I know, you’re going clubbing on the Jersey Shore? Can I live vicariously through you? If those aren’t your plans, no worries! I’d still love to hear all about it. Whatever your plans are, drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s get the party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

I’d love to try this recipe for chicken salad, Younkers Tea Room-style. I’m pretty sure canned chicken would work just as well, but I’ll give it a whirl and report back.

I’d also love to try this recipe for rice and black beans.

I got an email the other day about baked potato nails, and I had no idea they were even a thing. I was wanting to try it out sometime, and found this review. I’m glad to know this, so I think I’ll hold off on this until I get a job.

An interesting newsletter about edible bugs. It’s in French, so if you don’t speak it, Google Translate’ll fix that in a jiffy.

A list of therapists specializing in neurodiversity, who are also neurodivergent themselves! So here for it.

Why we need to move on from calling it “imposter syndrome,” and instead call it for what it is: a response to other ppl’s idiot prejudices and negative biases. Here’s another article about it.

Nobody could ever begin to imagine what I’m going through after my mom died, and most recently, another relative. Here’s why. It’s related to pandemic-related deaths, though there are indeed some valuable takeaways for those who haven’t lived through something like this.

A piece about productivity.

New treatments for asthma and COPD are coming. Modern medicine was too little, too late for my mom, but for those dealing w/ these diagnoses now, this is good news.

Job seekers, be vigilant and do your homework on a company before you apply. If you haven’t, do it before you make it to an interview. Here’s why.

This piece reminds me of a house we lived in when I was in elementary school.

A piece about the far-reaching effects of mental illness. I can definitely relate.

A great piece about hindsight being 20/20 when it comes to the passing of a parent in an immigrant family. We weren’t immigrants, but there’s some things I wish I knew and understood about my mom.

Malia Obama’s gonna be writing for a show on Amazon. So excited to hear more about it!

This post about ways to tell if a job applicant is trying to pull the wool over an interviewer’s eyes is so true. It’s so rare that it’s close to a statistical improbability. Hey, hiring managers! For every job applicant who decided to be a wisenheimer for whatever reason, I’d like to offer you my sincerest apologies in their proxy. I hope that’s enough for you.

How to learn about a company’s true stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion (or DEI).

A post on why job hopping isn’t a thing. Sure, there are short-term roles for whatever reason, and some industries even come to expect short-term tenures at a specific company anyway. It shouldn’t be held as a bargaining chip against a job seeker, nor should it be weaponized and used as the job seeker’s nail in the coffin.

I’d love to get some of these teas. Not a sponsored link.

How a college student and genealogy enthusiast helped solve a murder. Too bad Marise’s parents died w/o knowing what happened to her, and also too bad Marise’s killer died in 1980 and got away w/ it.

Anyone here ever heard of Rosalia Lombardo? She was a two-year-old girl who died of pneumonia in 1920. This piece is about the CT scan that was done on her in 2009.

Interesting post about pharmaceuticals in our water supply, and the detrimental effects it has on wildlife.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop is going up for sale, and so will the building. So sad!!

This charity, Sadie’s Purpose, is dedicated to helping NICU families, and I’m totally here for it. Rest in peace, Sadie Kate!

Last, but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 16-year-old Paris Godby of Memphis, TN, was on March 6th, 2022. According to the poster, she is likely still in town. If you see a child matching her description, make that call. Let’s get Paris home to the ones who love her!

On that note, the AMBER Alert for Kennedy Hoyle and the poster for her has been pulled. There are distressing news reports regarding her disappearance. Until there’s proof either way as to her whereabouts, I’m assuming she is still alive. The AMBER Alert for Summer Wells is still on. Let’s find both Kennedy and Summer, and get them home safe to their families.

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