Empties Project Status Report, #5

Photo depicting empty product packages, from the upper left-hand corner: Clairol Textures and Tones hair dye in dark brown, Yardley bar soap in oatmeal and almond, Caress bar soap in daily silk, Zyrtec facial wipes, Feria hair dye in Cosmic Azure, Feria hair dye in Downtown Denim, Soap and Glory Heel Genius, JR Watkins hand soap in aloe and green tea, Aveeno lotion in lavender oatmeal, Nivea Soft, Avon Anew micellar water, Coppertone Water Babies spray-on sunscreen, Earth Supplied shampoo, Herbal Essences mango and aloe conditioner, Johnson's hydrating conditioner, Soap and Glory Vitamin C face wash, Seacret foot cream, Touchdown CBD edge gro in pineapple scent, Pureology instant levitation mist, Pantene daily moisture conditioner, Jergens Rose body butter, mark Whipped Up body butter in snowflake, Cetaphil daily cleanser travel size, Hey Humans apple scented deodorant, OGX argan oil of morocco shampoo travel size, and Walgreens house brand nail polish remover.

It’s definitely been a hot minute since the last time I did an empties project status report, more like over a year, to be exact! Seriously, where’s the time gone? I know! I spent all that time on that wretched job hunt.

In that time, I built up a huge collection of product empties, and in the pic is the most recent since I had to chuck the overflowing paper shopping bag full of empties into the recycling bin before it broke apart. If you’re new to my empties project series, then welcome. The empties project was a thing on YouTube several years back. It’s also referred to as Project Pan in the makeup communities, named when someone hits the pan part of the makeup containers.

Let’s get started, in no specific order. This list also contains sponsored links, which means I may get a commission from any clicks or purchases from these retailers. Better yet, there’s no extra cost to you! Many thanks for supporting the brands that keep this site up and running!

Clairol Textures and Tones hair dye in dark brown. This is a brand I’ve come to like, since my hair does indeed have some texture to it. I’ve seen some reviews stating that this specific shade turned some ppls hair black, or nearly black. I noticed this as well, but my hair’s dark to begin w/, and I’m not super upset over it. I also love the conditioner that comes w/ it, and I wish it came as a standalone product, tbh.

Yardley bar soap in oatmeal and almond. I originally got this for my mom after we moved. I also got a package of Aveeno’s oatmeal bath (which isn’t pictured, but was among my empties, promise!) since we now have a bathtub instead of a shower stall. I felt like if the bath wasn’t doable, then she could have all the oatmeal bath fun and benefits in the bar soap w/o actually going to the trouble of an oatmeal bath. It turned out to be a great idea, since her care team said the bar soap smelled great and it worked wonders on her skin. I still got a couple bars left, and probably will rebuy this.

Caress bar soap in daily silk. This is my favorite bar soap, soup to nuts, hands down. I love the way it leaves the bathroom smelling good, too. I still wish the shower gel didn’t have sulfates, and I also wish there was a matching lotion. That would be so cool, tbh.

Zyrtec facial wipes. Picked this up as part of an Influenster initiative, and while I liked these well enough, it’s probably not something I’d rebuy anytime soon. The smell was good, though!

Feria hair dye in Cosmic Azure. I liked this color, but noticed that it would bleed after washing it. May or may not rebuy depending on how much money I got.

Feria hair dye in Downtown Denim. This was my signature color back when it came out in 2018, and since it was on sale where I got it, I went for this for old time’s sake. Would rebuy again.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot cream. Love this stuff, and the way it smells. 10/10, would rebuy again.

JR Watkins hand soap in aloe and green tea. While I liked the scent well enough, I was unaware that JR Watkins is an MLM until I went down the rabbit hole of anti-MLM content and Hannah Alonzo’s videos. Because this is a business model I can’t morally and ethically support, I can’t recommend this. Instead, I recommend Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap in Iowa Pine. This one’s my favorite, and I wish it was available year-round, tbh.

Aveeno lotion in lavender oatmeal. Got this for my mom, and her care team would put some on her each time she’d have her bath. I heard somewhere that oil-based lotions weren’t a good choice for those on oxygen, so I had to hunt far and wide for something that didn’t have oil, and found this at Wally World. Her care team member that came over to get her bath done said this was a great choice for her.

Nivea Soft. I use this in the spring and summer mainly, along w/ the regular Nivea in the fall and winter months, and it’s a huge favorite. I even keep some in my swim bag.

Avon Anew micellar water. It was ok for what it was, but the amount of it was pretty small for the going price. Since this is an MLM product, and I can’t support the business model, instead I recommend the Garnier micellar water. I have it, and I love it. There’s more of it, anyways, and besides, the Anew’s probably discontinued anyways.

Coppertone Water Babies spray-on sunscreen. I have the regular lotion-style version of it in my swim bag, but I swore by this stuff as a kid. I still manage to tan through it, though. Hell, I tan through SPF 100.

Earth Supplied shampoo. I found mine at Dollar General, but Sally Beauty also has it. Loved it, and may rebuy when it comes time.

Herbal Essences mango and aloe conditioner. This was living in my stash for like a year, but I finally got it used up, and I may rebuy this.

Johnson’s hydrating conditioner. Good for what it is, imo. I had this in my swim bag, and used it up w/ the trips to the pool I took during the half-price admission. Chlorine wreaks havoc on hair w/ any kind of texture to it, and mine’s no exception.

Soap and Glory Vitamin C face wash. I have the travel size in my swim bag, and it’s been a staple in it ever since I had an Ibotta deal for it 3 years ago. The woody scent to it really reminds me of summer, and mentally, it reminded me of better times.

Seacret foot cream. Back in college, I got hounded by these weirdos at the mall kiosk they had at the time, and they talked me into blowing 100 bucks on this crap. It’s been living in my house long enough, so it was time to get it used up. It was nothing special. Since Seacret is an MLM, I can’t support the business model. Try Soap and Glory’s foot cream instead. I have it, and I loved it.

Touchdown CBD and 24K gold edge gro in pineapple scent. Since I can’t find any online retailer for this stuff on the consumer end, only B2B sales sites, I can’t provide a link. However, I found this at a local beauty supply store in my neighborhood, and I picked up the coconut scent at a similar shop in a different part of the neighborhood. The coconut scent went in my swim bag, but anyways, a little bit of this goes a very long way. I used it to keep those short hairs along the sides from flopping into my face.

Pureology instant levitation mist. Got this as part of an Influenster campaign for free, and I wasn’t a fan. I noticed it had a grape scent to it, and after a bit, it was enough of a dealbreaker for me. I’ve been on the hunt for something similar to the long-discontinued Adria by Thalia volumizing mist, which I loved to bits, and haven’t found any yet.

Pantene daily moisture conditioner. I had this in my stash for awhile, and it was time to get rid of it. It’s great stuff, but I wish the shampoo was sulfate-free.

Jergens Rose body butter. I love this stuff! It reminds me of the rose-scented body wash that a certain mall chain retailer put out like forever ago as part of their pure/natural collection, and it was the one body wash of theirs I wasn’t heinously allergic to. Go figure they discontinued it.

mark Whipped Up body butter in snowdrop flower. This had been living in my stash long enough, and it was time to use it up. It’s been discontinued since Obama was in office, and it’s an MLM product. I’d recommend

Cetaphil daily cleanser travel size. This was from my swim bag, and it’s been a staple in it for a long time. This can be found at Dollar General, possibly Wally World, can’t remember where I got this from. I also have the full-size version, and I love it.

Hey Humans apple scented deodorant. Picked this up on sale at Walgreens, and I liked the packaging. The scent was nice, too.

OGX argan oil of Morocco shampoo travel size, from my swim bag. This has been on my list of favorites for years, and the travel size can be found at Ulta. I had the full-size version of this off and on, and I’ll definitely rebuy when I run outta what I got now.

Walgreens house brand nail polish remover. It was in my mom’s stash, and her care team made quite the dent in it when they painted her nails. I used up the last of it, since it’s lived here long enough.

Over to you, readers. Have you tried any of these? Got any plans to try any of it? How’d you get on w/ any of this? Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways, so drop it all like it’s hot, and let’s talk.

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