Spammers’ Showcase #11: Sextortion Scammers Edition

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If anyone’s been around for awhile, y’all know I’ll raid my inbox from time to time, and get screenshots of the spammy and scammy horseshit that comes my way. This one goes beyond your run of the mill spammer, and into scammer territory. Today’s post is about an extortion scam email I got some months back. To be more exact, it’s an email from sextortion scammers. For the record, I didn’t respond to this jerk fuck, nor do I have plans to do so. At least not on this email addy, haha.

As always, all email addys are obscured, along w/ all other identifiers not publicly available. It’s more than they deserve, but I wanna be the bigger person, ya know?

Screenshot of a sextortion scam email I received recently. Text reads as follows, with the scammer's email address obscured in yellow. "Hello, my perverted friend.We've actually known each other for a while, at least I know you. You can call me Big Brother or the All-Seeing Eye. I'm a hacker who a few months ago gained access to your device, including your browser history and webcam. I recorded some videos of you jerking off to highly controversial "adult" videos. I doubt you'd want your family, coworkers, and your entire contact list to see footage of you pleasuring yourself, especially considering how kinky your favorite "genre". I will also publish these videos on porn sites, they will go viral and it will be physically impossible to remove them from the Internet."
Nice try, asswipe. How do you know me? Spoiler alert, you don’t know me from Eve.













Here, we’re seeing the sender of this spammy email start off w/ a super generic greeting, instead of by actual name. This email may seem like it’s personal, but it’s not. They’re making it seem like they know the recipient, but they don’t. BTW, my camera’s covered w/ a crappy piece of notebook paper.

Continuation of a screenshot of a sextortion scam email that reads as follows: "How did I do this? Because of your disregard for internet security, I easily managed to install a Trojan on your hard disk. Thanks to this, I was able to access all the data on your device and control it remotely. By infecting one device, I was able to gain access to all the other devices. My spyware is embedded in the drivers and updates is signature every few hours, so no antivirus or firewall can ever detect it. Now I want to offer a deal: a small amount of money in exchange for your former worry free life. Transfer $1300 USD to my bitcoin wallet [bitcoin wallet address] As soon as I receive confirmation of the payment, I will delet all the videos that compromise you, remove the virus from all your devices, and you will never hear from me again. It's a very small price for not destroying your reputation in the eyes of others, who think that you are a decent man, according to your messengers. You can think of me as some sort of life coach who wants you to start appreciating what you have."
Bruh. You got no moral high ground here, you fuckin criminal.












Now we’re seeing the sender of this stupid email sling technical jargon around like it’s diner hash. They have no idea what they’re talking about, and they’re hoping at least one recipient won’t know any better. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do it if it hadn’t worked at some point in time.

We also see them demand money, which for many out there, isn’t small potatoes like this scammer thinks it is. I feel like this shows how successful they are in their scamming ways, and ultimately how lucrative scamming activity can be.

Text reads as follows: You have 48 hours. I will receive a notification as soon as you open this email, and from this moment, the countdown will begin. If you've never dealt with cryptocurrency before, it's very easy. Simply type "cryptocurrency exchange" into a search engine, and then all set.Here's what you shouldn't do:
-Don't reply to my email. It was sent from a temporary email account.
-Don't call the police.
Remember, I have access to all your devices, and as soon as I notice such activity, it will automatically lead to the publishing of all the videos. 
-Don't try to reinstall your system or reset your device. First of all, I already have the videos, and secondly, as I said, I have remote access to all your devices, and once I notice such an attempt, you know what happens. 
Remember, crypto addresses are anonymous, so you won't be able to track down my wallet.
Yeah, go fuck yourself. You have 48 hours.











Now, they’re really ramping up the urgency, which is what scammers do. They want you to be so scared that you’ll comply w/ their horseshit demands, and not think about it. Just like no legit state or federal government agency will utilize threats and behave abusively, nobody w/ good intentions will do you like this. This is what scammers do. (Side note: anyone actually employed in this agencies who acts like this doesn’t need to be in their line of work. In that case, can I have their job, plox?)

Scammers have dozens of email addys, as the scammer admitted to in this case. They know their shyt won’t fly w/ any decent email service provider, so this is what they do instead.

The good news in all this is that we got some recourse. If you ever get one of these, and the scammers include a bitcoin wallet, you can report it here at Bitcoin Who’s Who as a scam, just like I did w/ the bitcoin wallet listed. If enough ppl report these scammer wallets, it should hopefully be enough to get it shut down.

Text reads as follows: So long story short, let's resolve this situation with a benefit for me and you. I always keep my word unless someone tries to trick me. Lastly, a little advice for the future. Start taking your online security more seriously. Change your passwords regularly and set up multi-factor authentication on all your accounts. Best wishes.
Ya know that saying, there’s no honor among thieves…








Now you play nice, after the lame AF threats you made? Yeah, you can now officially go to hell and fuck yourself. Taking life advice from a scammer is like taking sobriety advice from Jack Daniels, anyways.

The important thing to remember is that these scammers send these stupid emails, and any variations thereof, out by the thousands. I’m probably one of a million others who got this same stupid email from this same person, so if you think this is specifically targeting you, it’s not. These scammers are nothing but a bunch of punks who think they’re all big and bad, when push comes to shove. They’re in the business of making money, and they resort to victimizing others in order to do it. Their victims are a means to an end for them, and it’s a numbers game. By sending this email to so many ppl, they’re counting on at least one to take the bait and play their stupid games.

Don’t fall for it, no matter how convincing they may seem. A good course of action is to report their lame emails as spam, report any bitcoin wallets they include, and ignore their nonsense threats. Over to you, readers. Have you ever gotten any of these emails? Know someone who has? Ever fallen for these scam emails, or know someone who has also? Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways, so drop it all like it’s hawt, and let’s talk.

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