Yay, you found us!

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebz, a blog dedicated to self-care, wellness, and self-improvement. I’m also gonna show you my crafty side, because here, I’m all about the DIY shiz and getting the most bang for the buck. Maybe, just maybe, I could possibly throw some fashion in, but I’m not sure on that. Whatever I decide on with that, my goal is to show you readers what life after weight loss, life on the other side looks like for me.

We’ll also have some fun and laugh along the way. I’m a kid of the 90s, and this blog probably shows it, haha. This little blog is all a part of living for me, and I hope the same for you. There’s plenty of room in here. So, in true 90s-kid fashion, grab a spot on the inflatable couch or the daybed, grab yerselves a can of LaCroix or some Coke Zero, and let’s kick it.