A decorative image with an army green background and stencil font in text that reads "Rules of Engagement or the R.O.E.s." a living post dedicated to the rules of this blog.

NOTE: This will be a living post, and will be updated as needed to meet current needs.

I recognize that weight can potentially be a topic that’s upsetting and/or otherwise loaded for some visitors, and the reasons why are often complex. Respect and transparency are at the forefront of the content I create, and I hope you, the reader, will take the same approach with any comments you post.

I expect there will be disagreements among yourselves, and I’m cool with that. We may agree on some things, but part ways on others. As long as there’s a modicum of respect towards others as human beings, I will allow it.

When it crosses the line into abusive, racist, prejudiced, or otherwise bullying behavior toward one another on this blog, I draw that line, and will take the appropriate action as soon as I become aware of it.

Depending on the egregiousness of the comment or behavior, this could mean a temporary or permanent ban.

It is out of respect for you that I have chosen not to post specific stats like weight and height. Instead, I’m using BMI classes paired with height to provide a basic description as to where I started from. I recognize that the BMI system is flawed, and has its’ drawbacks in terms of accuracy for those who are outliers from what’s considered the norm.

That being said, it is in common use within the medical field as one tool out of many to gauge someone’s health, and determine the likelihood of developing certain health issues later on, whether or not they actually develop those issues, so this is why I’m using it in lieu of actual numbers.

Because numbers can be a trigger for some people, I will not discuss my numbers, and I encourage you to do the same.

My stance is that of body neutrality. I am a firm believer that people of all shapes and sizes are worthy of respect, even if they don’t fit the ideal or default standards, regardless of what that looks like.

I prefer to shift the focus away from trash-talking ourselves or making ourselves feel bad that we may not look a specific way, and toward viewing ourselves as more than the sum of our looks, whether we have goals in the area of health and fitness or elsewhere.

As such, I will not allow anyone to trash-talk themselves or anyone else on this blog. Take that shyt elsewhere, or knock it off, mmkay?

Politics as a topic of discussion will be a rarity, because this is something beyond my scope of interest and expertise. This can be a potentially explosive topic for some people, so limit any political discussions to the appropriate post.

Otherwise, take that shyt elsewhere too. There’s a zillion other sites that are all about politics, where you can get your politics fix on for that.

Last of all, have fun!

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