The (Long) Weekend Docket

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It’s Friday, and that means we’re coming up on weekend time! This weekend marks the first official federal recognition of Juneteenth, since President Biden just signed it into law. That technically makes this a long weekend, since there are some places who’ve closed in observance. My weekend plans are to go back to the pool either later today after I get the day job stuff done, or tomorrow. We just came out of triple-digit temperatures, and we’re headed towards a cooling trend in my neck of the woods. The weather forecast this weekend includes rain at some point, so all the more reason to hit up the pool, eh?

I’ve also got plans to go hit up Target or Wally World soon, since a family member’s birthday’s coming up soon. I’ve already got a couple things hiding in the she shed for them, and I’ve found a way to sneak it into the house without anyone noticing.

Over to you, readers. What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em below in the comments like they’re hot, and let’s talk.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links for us to share, talk about, what have you.

This looks like a lotta fun to make! Since rum isn’t in the budget, and I don’t drink, rum extract it is. I remember seeing it somewhere in town, but I can’t remember which store I saw it at.

How to grow roses from cuttings. This looks like it would be great to do on a rainy day.

Great post on ways to deal with people who prove themselves unsupportive of you and your goals when push comes to shove. It’s why I didn’t tell anyone about my weight loss until I could no longer deny it, and also why I haven’t told anyone in my life about this blog. I have no plans to change that anytime soon, either. [EDIT 2-26-2023: The original post is gone, but there’s something super similar on the same site! I’ve linked to that one instead.]

Ways to stay motivated when the motivation mojo just isn’t there. [EDIT 1-6-2022: The original link is gone, but the website is still running. I’ve looked for it on the site, and it seems like they deleted the post. As my favor to you, I’ll see what I can come up with in a future post about this.]

For those of you job hunting, job scams are unfortunately a thing. Have you come across what seemed like a perfect opportunity only to find out it was a scam? Report it to the site you found these turds at, along with the FTC. While you’re reporting them to the appropriate agencies, maybe you could consider send their information my way? That said, stay safe out there!

What a lovely tribute the author of this article wrote to their late son.

The greatness of summer, done 90s style. This is pretty much the way of my summers, outside the blog and the day job, haha. I feel like this could be its’ own post at some point down the road. Thoughts? I’m all ears.

This post about a lake essentials bin really makes me wish I had a lake house.

Ways to wean yourself off of an Internet addiction, with some valuable takeaways for everyone, imo. [EDIT 2-26-2023: The original post is gone. I found something from Massachusetts General talking about the same thing, and linked to that one instead.]

Hard up on ideas for journaling? Here’s some to get the creative mojo rolling in. [EDIT 12-1-2021: This link no longer exists. I’ll see what I can come up w/ for this too.]

The “That Girl” trend going around on TikTok, and how it can ultimately set people up for failure by leaving them with the takeaway that a certain way of bettering oneself is the be-all, end-all, when it’s not. There are many roads to bettering yourself, not just one rando blogger or TikToker’s way.

Ways to build connections with others when social situations are a challenge.

Last but not least, Liana Garcia of San Antonio, TX, was last seen on June 10th. According to the NCMEC poster, she may be in the company of an adult male, in a green Subaru with a dented headlight. If you see someone matching her description, make that call. Let’s bring Liana home, safe and sound, to her family and those who care about her.


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