Up until this weekend, I had been posting over on the free WP site version, mainly as practice, and to give my blog time to age. My budget was literally zero, no thanks to what’s left of my student loans, haha.

I had enough money to buy the domain name earlier in the month since I got a bonus payment from my day job, so I got that out of the way first. That was it.

While I was blogging over on the free version, I’d heard that the place hosting this site would be having Black Friday sales. At the regular rate, it would’ve still taken me awhile to get enough money to buy the hosting, and as soon as the Black Friday sale started, I knew this was the universe telling me it’s time. Unfortunately things in the 3-D world took over, and I got distracted by a YouTube video, so I missed the sale by mere minutes.

Way lame! Guess this means I’m stuck on the free version for another year.

Au contraire.

The site host was also offering a Small Business Saturday deal. While this one wasn’t quite the steep discount the Black Friday deal was, it was still nothing to sneeze at, since navigating this stuff can be difficult for a lot of people. This was the universe, giving me another chance, and I took it.

Saturday was moving day from the rental property to a custom-built home for yours truly. In other words, I went from the free WP platform to a self-hosted blog. After playing around with the features, bells, whistles, and crap, and after royally screwing up one installation, I feel like I have a decent enough grasp of this whole hosted WP thing. I only had a handful of posts on the old free blog, with zero hits or readers. It wasn’t in existence long enough, and I’m honestly grateful for it. It’s now offline and marked “Coming Soon” to anyone who finds it. It will serve as a monument of this blog’s beginnings for me, a reminder of where I started.

So for now, until this time next year, this is our home. Let’s make the best of it.

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