The (long) weekend docket

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Since the holiday season’s upon us here in the U.S., that means a long weekend for a lot of you out there reading this. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and for a lot of people, that means a truckload of food. Some of it’s probably outside of what you’d normally have, and some of it may no longer be a part of your diet for the time being while you’re working towards getting yourself to where you’d like to be. This time of year can be a difficult time for those of us on track to meet specific weight goals, unless we’re the ones making the food, haha.

What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em below, and let’s talk. I know this year’s holiday celebrations will look different for a lot of people, and maybe yours will too. My plans are to work more on this blog, get ahead with some work for my day job, and get some other writing done. The weather in my area on Thanksgiving looks like it’s gonna be great, so maybe some grilling for meal prep will be in the cards for me. Last weekend’s attempt at grilling turned out to be a bust, lol. Since there’s no bus service on the holiday, and everyone will be closed (rightfully so), I may end up going for a walk at some point, too.

Let’s ring in the long weekend with some links I’ve found that I’m just betting you’ll like too. Share ’em with others if you want, by the way.

Old news may be old, but whatevs. This talks about the power of a “Pound Sand/Get Bent/Kick Rocks” fund. I’m working on rebuilding my own after something unexpected demolished it last year, and I encourage every one of you to do the same if you don’t already have one.

Scams are a thing, especially these days, so be careful. Educate yourselves, educate your loved ones, read up for stuff to file away for your loved ones so they don’t fall victim to these turds.

Doesn’t this look like fun to make, or what? Everything we like about spanakopita, now in a dip! This would be great to make ahead in a marathon meal prep sesh, btw.

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo? I am, and while my word count thus far has been peanuts, it still counts for something, and I’ll take it as a victory anyway.

Sad news in the world of country music. Doug Supernaw died recently, and so did Hal Ketchum. I remember hearing these guys’ songs on the radio as a kid. Go rest high on that mountain, guys.

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