A picture of a rabbit on a ground covered in snow and dead leaves.

Or, the walk that wasn’t. Anyway, over the course of these past two, almost three years, I’ve expanded on new ways that weren’t a part of my life before. Or if they were, they weren’t a regular occurrence for me. One of those ended up being walking, and while it’s obviously not at the same caliber as people doing 5Ks or laps around a shopping mall all day, I’m cool with that all the same.

I have a number of steps I hope to get in one day. Sometimes I’ll supersede that number, other times I’ll fall short of it, and today was the latter.

The weather’s officially starting to shift toward late fall and early winter, way down from the 70-degree days we’ve had recently, complete with rain and snow in my neck of the woods. (For any international readers using the Celsius temperature measurements, this would be 21-degree days). This can make for dangerously slippery conditions, and it was a contributor to the freak accident I was in two years ago.

Since I can’t afford another accident (and really, who can?), I decided to hoof it and get my steps in. This way, if I slipped and fell on any ice, it’ll just be me instead of me and the weight of my bike.

As I stepped outside, I saw the snow on the ground, but since it’s been too warm lately, it won’t stay for long. I knew I’d be walking instead, so I grabbed the umbrella, and had plans to get to that number goal. I walked down the street and up the hill with no particular route chosen.

It didn’t take long before I noticed that it was a lot colder than I was counting on, and the dress I had on probably wasn’t the best choice in the scheme of things.

The radio I like to keep with me in my bag blasted out those classic country tunes into my headphones, and the wind knocked the temperature down even more. I tried to haul ass, carefully in case of any slick spots, trying to stay warm, but that just wasn’t gonna happen.

Today’s walk ended up being a trek to a neighborhood shop after I dropped off some canned goods in a Little Free Pantry nearby. It’s a neat little setup where people can take things and leave things behind. I know for sure this is a lifesaver for some people, especially these days.

Even though I fell short of my step count target, it was still something. Before I started on the first phase of my mission, I felt like it was all-or-nothing, black-and-white, now-or-never. In the past, I’d have taken this as another sign not to even bother trying. Now? I’ve learned there will be times where your plans just aren’t gonna happen, whether they’re exercise related or in any other area, or if they do, they turn out differently than you’d hoped as you move forward in meeting your goals.

No worries. One day of failed fitness plans isn’t the end of the world. I promise. We can always try again tomorrow. New day, new opportunities.

Oh, wait. There was a good thing I got out of my dud of a walk today. A pic of this little cutie!

Photo resized with love, pride, and joy at Promo.

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