The Long Weekend Docket

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! It’s been a bit since I last posted, but Fri-yay means one thing: weekend time’s upon us once again. This time, it’s a long weekend, so it’s time to talk weekend plans. For me, my original plans were to go to the one pool that’s open for the Memorial Day weekend, but the weather reports are looking super sus. Besides, it’s the wrong time of the month for me where that shyt’s concerned anyways. No loss there.

We’ve had some wild and dangerous weather in my neck of the woods, and my day job was canceled today as a result of it. I ended up running a couple errands that I put off for way too long on account of my schedule, so it was a more productive day than I originally thought it would be. Win-win for sure!

Instead, I’ll just go to the farmer’s market in my neighborhood, get some steps in at some old stomping grounds, and catch some free events going on also. Otherwise, I’ll be staying in and getting some long-overdue cleaning done. I’ll also be listening to a baseball game on the radio, since I don’t feel like biking over to the stadium.

But ’nuff about me. How ’bout you, readers? What’re your weekend plans for Memorial Day? Good, bad, both, neither, no worries. I’d still love to hear all about it just the same.

To ring in the long weekend, I got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

Someone at my day job brought in some tamales, and homemade ones at that. They were a huge upgrade from those Hormel tamales I sometimes get from the dollar store, even though those are pretty good too, imo. I’d love to try and make these tamales sometime.

Not a sponsored link, but I saw this lady wearing these gold shoes last weekend, and I wished they came in my size. Having seen em IRL, it doesn’t surprise me one iota that they don’t, haha. At my size range, it’s probably a safety hazard. However, I saw these beauts at Dillard’s last weekend, and I got plans to get a pair. Or maybe even two. In gold, cuz silver looks horrible on me, haha.

On that note, I also saw a pair surprisingly similar-ish to a pair I saw at Hot Topic eons ago, but they didn’t come in my size, along w/ these early 2000s-style shoes that I’ve wanted since forever. So many options, so little money, haha.

For some reason I’ve been drawn to pink, blue, white, and green florals, and ruffles too. I was today years old when I found out there was a name to it, and it’s the coquette trend according to this post. I guess the new bed I’ve wanted forever (and have been trying to save up for) would work for this, eh?

I had originally planned to mention the recent passing of an indie director, but after having seen mention of harassment and assault allegations against women, I’ve decided not to include the link after all. Instead, I’ll mention Bruce Nordstrom, the CEO of Nordstrom died at 90 years old. Rest in peace, Mr. Nordstrom!

Artist Amoako Boafo has such a cool home on the outskirts of Accra. This is his website, dot.ateliers!

Last, but never least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 17-year-old Kristina Anne Knorpp of Tucson, AZ was on September 30th, 2023. No other info is listed in the poster beyond the likelihood of her traveling to New Mexico, but she may still be in town. Another photo of her with dark blue and green hair is included, and she may have had the blue and green hair at the time of her disappearance.

Even though it’s a sad trend to have to talk about, the longer a child is missing, the more the odds of them coming home diminish. However, there are always outliers among statistics. Therefore, I’m highlighting a long-term missing kid alongside the more recent cases. The last confirmed sighting of Monique “Pebbles” Santiago of Albany, NY was on March 29th, 1990. Pebbles was 11 at the time of her disappearance. According to the NCMEC poster, she was last seen at 8 AM. She talked to her mom on the phone later that day, and said that since she missed the bus, she decided to stay home. The Charley Project’s page on her states that her mom delayed calling the cops since she thought there was a certain amount of time that had to pass in order for them to accept her missing persons report. Pebbles hasn’t been seen or heard from since then, and foul play hasn’t been ruled out. The NCMEC has an age-progressed photo from 2016 to show what she may look like at the age of 38. Even though Pebbles’ mom and stepdad have both since passed on, her surviving relatives deserve answers. If you know anything about Kristina’s whereabouts after September 2023, or Pebbles’ whereabouts after March 1990, make that call. Let’s see what we can do to get both these kids home safe to those who love em, pronto.

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