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Hey, what’s good, everyone? It’s Friday, baby, and we know what that means: weekend time! This weekend, I’ll be pet-sitting for a retriever mix puppy named Lisa. The owner’s going out of town on a business trip, so it’ll be an overnight stay. In order to keep Lisa’s routine, I’m coming back during the day so she isn’t super-confused. The owner also has a 5 year old cat named Laura, but since they made other arrangements for Laura, she’ll be elsewhere.

I still think about Jason, the Australian Shepherd wigglebutt I talked about here a few months back.

This weekend, I’m still serving out my life sentence. I received news that we’re about to lose another relative due to an ongoing illness. Not COVID, btw. This relative and I had our differences, and we weren’t close after a falling out several years back, but it’s still sad all the same.

I fuckin hate this wretched dog turd of an existence. I’m beyond sick of this.

Over to you, readers. Got any fun weekend plans? I hope so, at least for my sake. If not, then know that I see you, and that we’re in this together. Anyway, drop it all like it’s hot below, and let’s talk.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

Neat post about a 13-year-old girl enrolled with the Dine Nation who set up a soap company. Here’s the website. When I get another job, I’m gonna get me some of this and report back.

A spring cleaning challenge from Apartment Therapy. Anyone gonna do this?

Got some pancake syrup knocking around the house? This post talks about some ways to use it up.

As we shift back towards normalcy, or a new normalcy, Disney Parks has decided to keep one change from the pandemic.

Speaking of which, they’ve also changed the ticket pricing.

If you’re on LinkedIn, here’s a list of job search experts to watch and follow this year. I’m following all of them.

[JSYK, this link is NSFW, b/c, bewbs.] This post talks about the Adidas ad campaign from a Dutch ad agency, along with their goal of normalizing all shapes and sizes. I’m into it!

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but anyone seen the old Fleischer Studios cartoons before? Somewhere in Dreamland‘s been restored and remastered, and it aired on MeTV last Christmas. I gotta say, it’s one of the saddest holiday cartoons, second only to Little Match Girl.

This post on the New York Times about the war going on in Ukraine and the Cold War is worth the read.

Ukraine’s first Black lawmaker highlights the injustices that his African and African-Ukrainian constituents are dealing with.

Going off of this, I should also mention that this post also talks about the racism and prejudice Black Russians experience. This is 2022. There’s no place for racism and prejudice anywhere, and it’s beyond unacceptable when it happens to citizens and nationals escaping a country under siege.

Bozoma Saint John has left Netflix. She was the Chief Marketing Officer, and I have a feeling there may have been some crappy things happening to her behind the scenes. I hope I’m wrong on so many levels about that.

Last, but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 1-year-old Dezba Salt and her sister, 5-year-old Jolynn of Pendleton, OR was on February 28th, 2022. According to the posters, their siblings Rosaella, Tamamnu, and Shaundein are also missing. The poster states that they are in the company of their parents. There is a federal warrant on file for their father. If you see children matching Dezba and Jolynn’s descriptions, make that call. Let’s get these kids home safe to the people who love them, ASAP.

The AMBER Alerts for Kennedy Hoyle and Summer Wells are still ongoing. There are reports in the news regarding Kennedy, however, they’re speculation at this time. Until there’s evidence proving one way or another regarding Kennedy and Summer, I’m assuming both are still alive. Let’s find these two girls safe, and get them home, pronto.

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