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Happy Fri-yay, everyone! It’s finally the end of the week, and that means one thing: weekend time’s upon us once again. Since it’s gonna start out being an icy tundra again this weekend, I’m gonna go to the mall and get my steps in over there, and knock around the neighborhood when it finally starts warming up later on. I’m looking forward to it for sure.

I need to get those steps in, since I’m working on turning my recent weight gain around. I’m glad I caught it when I did, and now I realize I need to be more vigilant about it. It’s super easy to gain it back, and it’s something you don’t always notice right away. I didn’t. Until stuff that was once a bit big for me no longer fit, haha. But that won’t be the case much longer. I’m determined to make this work, and get through those mental barriers.

This time around, nobody’s here to sabotage me or make me feel guilty about it. I lost the weight before, so that tells me I can do it again. I am someone who does this.

I should really get my season pass to the pool. It’s another week or so before the early bird rate ends, and this is when I get it. During the pandemic, this was all I had to do over the summer.

In other news, a telecom agency is coming to town, and I got no plans to ever utilize their services. Not after an unnerving visit from their representatives late in the evening, earlier this week. Seriously, the guys were super creepy. I was never gonna use their services in the first place, but this was the last nail in the coffin. The good news is that they’re not the only game in town, and I’m considering a different internet company w/ better options.

‘Nuff about me. How ’bout you, readers? What’re your weekend plans? I’d love to hear all about it, whether good, bad, both, or neither. Drop it all like it’s hawt, and let’s get this party started!

To ring in the weekend, I got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

This tutorial for hot dogs in the air fryer works like a charm. I had a package of hot dogs that were living in the fridge long enough, so now I got dinner for a week.

I had the chance to see Monkey Man last weekend, and this post talks about what inspired Dev Patel to create the movie. Fun fact: the tabla player in the movie, Zakir Hussain, is a longtime collaborator w/ Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart in his Planet Drum album series. I knew those drums sounded familiar, and that’s what came to mind as soon as I heard him play the tabla in the movie

This post about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix series really makes me wish I still had it. I ditched Netflix years ago, but maybe these’ll come to other streaming services sometime?

It’s always important to stay safe online, as I’ve talked about on here in the past. It’s also important for those on the autism spectrum to be safe online, since some can be very trusting of others. Tipster Chris sent me this post about internet safety for those on the autism spectrum. As a heads-up, one of the sources used in this article is from a nonprofit agency that has a history of stereotyping autism. However, I should mention that this source and the link to the support groups they have are just one of many other sources from other agencies.

Last, but never least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 16-year-old Zimyua Strickland of Pigeon Forge, TN was on March 22nd, 2024. The poster states that she may still be in town, but nothing else.

Even though it’s a sad trend to have to talk about, the longer a child is missing, the odds of that child being reunited w/ their family and loved ones are against them. However, there’s always outliers, and always hope that every child reported missing makes it back to their loved ones safe. I’m highlighting a long-term missing child to get the word out. The last confirmed sighting of then 17-year-old Toni Clark was on March 16th, 1990. According to the poster, she was last seen wearing a tube top, black shorts, a light blue jean jacket, white loafers, and a gold ring. She has a gap between her front teeth, pierced ears, and a mole on her left leg. There’s a photo of her, age-progressed to 36 years, and she turns 51 this year. Our Black Girls states that Toni went missing after she was in a car accident, and that she was 2 months pregnant. If anyone out there has any knowledge as to Zimyua’s whereabouts after March 22nd, 2024, or Toni and her child’s whereabouts after March 16th, 1990, make that call. Let’s get Toni and her child, and Zimyua home safe to those who care about em, ASAP!

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