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I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this week’s over, and it’s already Friday. I still think there’s someone practicing their April Fools joke on me, and it’s really Monday. In any case, we’re due for some bad weather this weekend, so my game plan is to lay low. If I have to be out in it, I’ll be staying close to home. I’ll be using this time to get ahead with the work I’ve got at my day job, since things have slowed down with that again. I’m also going to continue working on something I’ve been wanting to try out again, and my trip to the craft store earlier in the week was to get the loot for it. I’m also going to come up with more stuff for the blog, so in other words, the usual.

What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em below.

Anyhow, a radio station I used to listen to back in middle school would play a song each Friday, and it’s a song they’d rather die than play now, haha. For years, I never knew the name of it, but I liked it all the same. Just like that radio station used to play that song on Fridays, let’s ring in the weekend with some fun and/or informative links. Check ’em out, share ’em, talk about it below, what have you.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Black Panther. I loved this movie, and I’m so excited to see what’s next.

ArchDaily, what a fascinating site. Love the clean layout, and the design too!

Muddy buddies are so much fun to make, but during the first couple years of my weight loss, I called a moratorium on them, since before, it wasn’t out of the norm for me to eat the entire batch in one go. Now I only have a small scoop of them at a time, which helps it feel more like a special treat to me. I picked up several bags of butterscotch chips I found on the store’s clearance shelf today, so I’m taking it as a sign to make more of these butterscotch muddy buddies this weekend.

Shorpy was one of my favorite sites back in college, and I recently found it again. It’s the same as I remember it back then, but a lot more organized. BTW, I love that shot of the house in Georgetown, NM.

Fake shipping notices are just one of the myriad of happenings in the world of scams. They seem to be really ramping up this time of year, so everyone be careful! If you or anyone you know finds one, send the scammers’ info my way, and I’ll waste their time, haha.

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