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Happy Friday, everyone. We all know what that means: it’s weekend time yet again. My plans? I’m gonna keep job hunting, since it’s going nowhere. So what else is new, haha. I’ve managed to get a couple new assignments through my current job, so I’ll be knocking those out as well. I’m also gonna go hit up the library, and get some more steps into my daily count.

I’m also hoping to work on this memorial quilt I’m making in honor of my mom. Right now, all I’ve got is time, and it’s a really crappy place to be.

But enough about me. Over to you, readers. What are your weekend plans? Can I just be you for a second, or live vicariously through you instead? Drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s get the party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve found us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

A tutorial on how to make homemade spice sachets, or packets. I’m totally doing this next time I make something that justifies its’ usage, haha.

Love this article about a new breakfast cereal, and how it came to be. Proud Puffs even has a website where you can find it. I look forward to seeing it hit the store shelves soon!

There have been talks about a remake of The Crow. I hope it never happens, and if it ever does, I hope it remains in development hell forever. To me, this is one movie they need to leave well enough alone.

My mom lived for Perry Mason. MeTV has a post of behind-the-scenes photos of the cast.

Anyone else interested in the real story of the Titanic like yours truly is? This post has some great photos of the Widener mansion, Lynnewood Hall, and the sad state it’s in now.

I’ve read Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns back in college. This review makes me wanna add And the Mountains Echoed to my list.

The tobacco industry’s got a history of weaseling their way into politics, and finally someone’s drawing the line. I guarantee you, if I ever get into politics, I’m not taking a dime from those horse dicks.

Thanksgiving wasn’t the same for me, either. In a sense, it was canceled here too. So I ended up having our old Thanksgiving pizza by myself, with leftovers to hold me over throughout the week.

Ways to set boundaries during the holidays, and really, for any day of the year.

Remember the Turpin kids? After all they’ve been through, the people they should’ve been able to trust decided to screw ’em over themselves. Seriously, I hope there’s a brand-new level of hell just for them. On a brighter note, Jordan talks about her plans to give her future kids a great life.

An account of what’s become known as the First Thanksgiving in 1691 from the Wampanoag Nation.

W.E.B. DuBois’ granddaughter died recently at the age of 89. Rest in peace, Yolande!

Great site about Black Hollywood. It’s such a shame these actors went overshadowed for so long, along with their movies.

I’d love to see Speer Goes to Hollywood. This review talks about the movie, and how Speer basically got away with it, threw his partner-in-crime Sauckel under the bus, went into damage-control mode and rebranded himself as an apolitical autocrat who didn’t know anything about anything. In Andrew Birkin’s interview for a possible future biopic about him in the 1970s, he said some really crappy things about Jews in this interview. Lucky for us, Speer’s kids learned better values than he clearly had.

This has been a year full of cold cases coming to a close. This article about Judy Chartier, a 17 year old girl who went missing in 1982 is one of them. Authorities and dive team members found her 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger in a lake, with her ID, and human remains in it.

On that note, authorities ID’d the man responsible for the murder of Terence Paquette in 1996. The case went cold, but that changed this year. Let’s hope the bastard rots in jail where he belongs.

Last but not least, a signal boost for a long-term missing child. The last confirmed sighting of Edmond “Eddie” Tillman of Brooklyn, NY was in August of 2005. He was 14 years old at the time, and listed with the Charley Project. According to their write-up, Eddie came out to his mom, and after his disappearance, she found out that there were adult men on the Internet who’d been talking to him. There have been confirmed sightings of him in the Manhattan area, but he could possibly be in San Francisco. The NCMEC has included an age-progressed photo to 23 years old in 2014. If you see someone matching his description in the age-progressed photo, make that call. Let’s bring Eddie home to the people who love him and care about him, so he can spend the holidays with them.

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