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I’m shook that we reached the end of the week already. Is someone playing a lame April Fool’s joke on me or something? Anyways, the weekend’s upon us, and so is the end of this month. We’re due for some horrible weather this weekend (lol, so what else is new for this town?), so the game plan for me is to stay in as much as possible. Maybe I’ll make one of the patterns I got recently. This one’s a pattern from 1992, and for something I always wanted but could never find in my size. Before I lost the weight, it wasn’t in style, and none of the stores carried it. What I found in the thrift stores either didn’t work for me or wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Sheesh, talk about late to the party!

Or I could make another one of something I already made from a vintage pattern. I may do a post about this later on if there’s enough of an interest in it. We’ll see.

Anyways, time for some links to ring in the weekend. Share ’em, talk about ’em below. And while you’re at it, drop your weekend plans below like they’re hot, and let’s get it started in here.

This week, we talked about remembering the victims of the Holocaust. This article talks about the way the New York City MTA is remembering their employees who died of COVID-19. Let’s remember them, along with anyone else we know who’s died from this, and honor their memories by wearing a damn mask, or face shield.

In other news, we lost Cicely Tyson this week. I remember her from seeing The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman on YouTube back in college. Lovely photo tribute to her. We also lost Larry King, famous for Larry King Life, and the similarly-styled infomercials. Cloris Leachman died last week, famous for the Mary Tyler Moore show, which I saw reruns of on Nick at Nite as a kid. MeTV will be airing shows with her in them as a tribute next week.

[EDIT 7-6-2022: The original link to a ruffle tote bag is gone. However, this link shows that it existed at one time.] This tutorial for ruffles looks like fun! The bag reminds me of this white Abercrombie bag I had my eye on when I was browsing eBay, and ended up missing out on it. I’d love to make this sometime, btw.

January 20th was National Cheese Lovers’ Day, so obviously I’m a day late and a dollar short on that one. Missed it like I did? No worries! Why not make it a belated celebration instead?

Fascinating interview with a call-center scammer located in India, who turned out to be one of the small fries in the scamming hierarchy. Jim Browning on YouTube found him in a scambait, and recorded it. Love his videos, btw. Anyways, I want to make it clear that we shouldn’t judge an entire group of people by the actions of a few sleazy scammers, and that no one country has the market cornered on scamming.

Speaking of scams, there’s one going around preying on people’s facing housing insecurity due to the pandemic. My heart goes out to everyone who’s in this situation, first and foremost. If any of you readers are in this situation, know that there are local agencies who can help if you decide to reach out to them. Anyone who calls you out of nowhere claiming they can help is probably a scammer who makes hundreds of calls like this every day hoping someone will bite. In that case, report them to the FTC, your local attorney general’s office, and the 800 Notes website. While you’re at it, maybe, just maybe, consider sending that phone number my way, so I can waste their time for ya.



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