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Can’t believe it’s Friday already! It was a short work week, w/ an assignment at a school in the neighborhood. At the same time, this week dragged on by. Some of the kids I had the chance to work w/ had their ups and their downs, but the next day’s always a clean slate. One kid got off to a rotten start, but pulled through and was able to end the school day on a high note.

On top of that, I’ve come down w/ yet another permanent forever cold. Super lame.

Anyways, my weekend plans are to get back into this story I wrote about for like the longest time, since it went on the back burner thanks to that wretched job search. I’ll also be listening to the classic country radio show on the classic country station on the AM dial, and also the usual one on the country station on the FM dial that airs it. There may or may not be a trip to Wally World, the new Aldi, or the Asian market in my neighborhood thrown in the mix.

Anyways, how bout you, readers? What’re your weekend plans? I’d love to hear all about it, so drop it all like it’s hot, and let’s get this party started up in here.

To ring in the weekend, I got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

I’d love to try this pizza cheese ball recipe out sometime.

Same w/ this Cajun chicken dish too.

Not a sponsored link, but check it out! A bag of dicks!

These dipped Oreos look like fun to make, but I’ve had the worst luck w/ white chocolate chips seizing up on me, no matter what I try to do, haha. Maybe it would work w/ that almond bark stuff? Idk. I’ll have to try it and report back.

I’d also love to try this stuff out sometime. If I ever see it or something similar enough in my neck of the woods, I’m gonna get me some of it.

Love this post about how Sherraine White, enrolled Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, draws upon the lessons her late relatives taught her, in order to serve as a primary caregiver. Sherraine, I’m so sorry for your losses, and I’m holding space for you. Mean it!

This post about the timeline for Operation Varsity Blues, aka the college admissions scandal that various big-name movie and TV stars got busted in. Yeah, that’s really teaching your kids morals. I wonder how many kids who applied at these same colleges ended up missing out and going to another school b/c Actress Mary obviously didn’t believe in their kids’ capabilities and felt like they needed to resort to cheating their way in.

A 6 year old brought a gun to school and shot their teacher. I’m holding space for the teacher, and I’m horrified that it even occurred to a kid to do something like this. Will this shyt ever end?

The Rashid Rover will be the first Arab-built lunar spacecraft!

Plans for a site that once had a historic home that wasn’t able to be saved.

Emotional inclusion supersedes toxic positivity.

Someone came forward accusing one of the members of the Backstreet Boys of abuse, and they were 17 at the time in 2001. My heart goes out to the accuser, and anyone else this person harmed.

Grievance-style life views as the only outlook on life rarely, if ever get us anywhere new.

Last, but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 16-year-old Shekinah Mimms of San Diego, CA was on November 27th, 2022. If you see a child matching her description, or know anything about where she’s been at after November 27th, make that call. Let’s start this year off on a high note and get Shekinah home safe to those who love her!


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