Tales from the Search Engines, #3

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Hey, everyone, what’s good? It’s time for another installment of Tales from the Search Engines, part 3. If you’ve been around here for more than a hot minute, this is where I find the search terms that brought you here in the first place, and respond to each one that stands out to me. Some of it will be more humorous, other times, it’ll be some pretty heavy shyt, just sayin.

This post’s gonna be a bit short, since this blog went on the back burner for, like, the longest time, and the recent technical difficulties I’ve been having w/ it. You may have noticed the theme went all wonky and janky looking, and I finally found out why. Anyways, let’s get started, shall we?

“losing weight for attention”

Dang, where do I even start here? I mean, seriously, there’s a lot of layers to this, so I’ll try to delve into this in the best way I can w/ my edumacated self. For starters, weight loss, assuming that’s something you need to do, and however much you need to lose, should literally NEVER be done solely for attention. I didn’t lose the weight for attention. Seriously, if I was that desperate and hard up for attention, I’d do something way easier than losing weight, like join the circus and steal cars.

If you’re looking to make any lasting changes like weight loss, it needs to be done sustainably, and attention-seeking as the motivation almost never involves anything even close to sustainable. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that attention-seeking as the weight loss motivator tends to correlate w/ crazy fad diets and crash diets that either don’t work at all, or only work in the here and now.

On that note, crash diets and lame fad diets do get some attention, mainly b/c of how off the chain they can be. Like that cookie diet that all the magazines talked about back when Obama was in office, and when yours truly was in college. Also, who here remembers the Atkins diet, touted as the weight loss panacea in the early aughts, and all the cool ppl were doing it?

I remember it, but never tried it. I also remember hearing on the news that he died, and 16-year-old me thought he died on his own diet. Not exactly, according to the Wikipedia article on him. Whatever was going on w/ him in terms of his health, the diet probably didn’t help or hurt matters any since it’s not a balanced diet and has the potential to cause some health issues, but he died after a freak accident.

Fad diets can also be dangerous af, and I won’t get into any specific examples here. I don’t wanna give them the airtime, or sully my blog w/ mention of any of it. I’ll only say that some examples have the potential to cause serious harm, including death.

No diet is worth that shyt.

Whoever keyed this into Google or whatever search engine you chose, I’m wondering if there may have been someone in your life who decided that “losing weight for attention” was a good idea just for the sake of it. Or maybe whoever that someone is lost weight, and someone else threw the idea out there that their weight loss was only for attention and started up a rumor about it. I really hope someone in your life isn’t planning to lose weight just for attention, no matter what their weight is. Going off of that, I hope that someone isn’t you.

If that someone’s you, I can’t warn you strongly enough against losing weight just for attention from someone else or whatever, no matter where you’re starting out at. If you need to lose weight, I recommend going to a doctor who specializes in this kind of thing before you get started, b/c this needs to be about you more than anything. It can’t be done for anyone else.

If we’re going off of the grapevine and the word on the street assuming someone was losing weight for attention, then that’s unfair to them, and I don’t recommend believing any of it. Even if it’s straight from the horse’s mouth, or from a reliable source second only to the horse’s mouth. We don’t know that someone’s story, and they don’t owe us their story anyways.

All that to say, I should also mention that attention can come w/ the territory of weight loss, as I mentioned a time or two here before. I know there are some in this world who revel in the attention others lavish on them for losing weight, and can’t get enough of it. Fine. Cool w/ me, I’m not the one walking in their shoes, and I don’t live at their house. At the end of the day, that’s their call to make, 100%. However, I can only speak for myself, when I say that I didn’t like the attention I got while I was losing the weight, and still get to this day, haha.

Over to you, readers. Have you ever heard of someone looking to lose weight for attention, whether it’s straight from the horse’s mouth, or heard through the grapevine? I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways, so drop it all like it’s hot, and let’s talk.

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