Empties Project Status Report, #2

After going through the bag I keep my product empties in for my empties project, I realized that I was due for another status report before I took it out to the recycling bin or the trash. What’s in the pic above isn’t all of it, and some of it’s from January after I’d posted the first status report. So let’s get started, shall we?

NOTE: These are in no particular order.

Dove Body Bar in Tropical Mango: One of the things I noticed when I got this was the scent, and how noticeable it was just in the box. Putting it to use, however, the scent throw was a different story. That said, the tropical mango scent really says “summer” to me, especially during this time of year. I think I may rebuy it at a later point in time when I get through what I’ve already got.

Salon Selectives original conditioner: I picked this up at Dollar Tree, for, you guessed it, a dollar. It’s a brand I haven’t seen on the regular store shelves in, like, forever. This conditioner had the smell I remembered it having as a kid when I had it one time. I liked how it made my hair feel after the fact, and while the smell of it didn’t have a whole lot of staying power, it got the job done. I’ll probably rebuy it next time I’m in the area, but for right now, I’ve got other stuff to get through.

Garnier Color Sensation hair dye in Coffee Date: I picked this up at Family Dollar. I really like the naming theme. Some brands I’ve happened upon have more basic names, and in my shade, it’s either dark brown, mahogany, or some variation thereof. I thought the rose scented conditioner really gave it something a little extra, and I’m definitely gonna rebuy if what I usually get isn’t available.

Baby Magic lotion: Since I’ve lost the amount of weight that I did, it’s no surprise I’ve got some loose skin going on, mainly around my hips and thighs, since that’s where I carried a lot of it at the time. To try and tighten things up, I’ve been moisturizing the dickens out of it, however, this is something that’ll take time depending on how high of a BMI you started at, how quickly you lost the weight, and genetics can also play a role in this. I used it as a pre-shower moisturizer, and noticed I could still smell it after I got done. I’ll probably rebuy it at some point if I get an Ibotta rebate for it.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser: This is my go-to face wash. I’ve even got a little travel-size bottle I keep in my swimming bag for the summer. I’ve since gotten the bigger bottle, and while it seems pricey at first, it’s definitely the more economical buy, especially when Ibotta has rebates for it. A little bit goes a long way, just like their lotions. 10/10, will rebuy for sure.

Mark Self Sanctuary lotion in Lime Lavender: This is one of the things I’ve had knocking around in my stash for far too long, and I found it during a cleanout last month. This lotion, along w/ the Lemon Sugar scent, was my jam back in college, and the scent instantly took me back. It’s long since discontinued, but if I ever happen upon something similar, I’ll try it out.

Mark Whipped-Up body butter in Juicy Apple: Another find unearthed in that same cleanout, this came out several years ago, and the scent instantly reminded me of apple pie. I feel like this is a scent that says “springtime,” sort of like something I’d pick out for an Easter party or a Memorial Day picnic. Also long discontinued, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a similarly-scented lotion to try out.

Johnson’s Ultra-Hydrating shampoo and conditioner: Had an Ibotta rebate for these, and I was on the lookout for things to add to my haul to donate to charity. I wanted to try them out myself before I got some to add to my donation pile. I like how it’s sulfate-free, since my hair isn’t a type that typically gets on with formulations that have ’em. I noticed that these had a clean scent, and I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s something I could definitely add to my swimming bag, if it came in travel sizes. Will rebuy at some point later on for sure.

St. Ives Fresh Skin apricot scrub: This is one of those things where you either love it or hate it. It seems to be a cult favorite going back many years for some of its’ fans. It’s on the rougher side as far as exfoliants go, so I only use it once a week just to be safe. I’ve got a backup ready to roll, so I’ll rebuy later on.

OGX shampoo in Candy Gumdrop: This was a limited edition Kandee Johnson collaboration for the holiday season some time back, and I happened to have this living in the bathroom for quite some time. Finally used it up, and I wasn’t too crazy about the scent. While this is discontinued, Kandee has the Hugs and Kisses shampoo and conditioner available, which I love and will rebuy at a later time.

Smartly Liquid Dish Soap in Smells like the Ocean: Idk how this ended up in my empties bag instead of the regular recycle bin, but don’t worry, readers. I used this stuff as intended, for dishes and cleaning the kitchen sink out. I love the smell, and it’s pretty good stuff as far as getting dishes clean goes. For the price, I don’t think you could go wrong, and I’ll rebuy for sure next time I’m at Target. There’s also a hand soap and a refill for it, a lotion (which unfortunately contains propylene glycol), a shaving cream, and an all-purpose cleaner in this scent, btw.

Avon Anew Rejuvenate glycolic facial treatment: This isn’t the easiest to see in the pic, but it’s in the upper-left hand corner in the top row. This was another find I unearthed in the cleanout, and decided it was long time to use it up. I liked the packaging, and the squeeze button at the top of the little eye-dropper doohickey to get to the product’s a neat concept. The product itself, however, wasn’t a favorite as far as facial oil treatments go. Since it’s discontinued, the decision to rebuy was basically made for me.

Over to you, readers. How are you coming along in your empties projects? Share your progress below, and let’s talk.

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