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Jeez, what a long week this has been! It’s been a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments for my family member, and me hammering out work from my day job to help fund the move. We signed the lease on Monday, and things are gonna be changing going forward for sure. One, they won’t be making messes to the point they did at this place, that’s for damn sure. I believe the messes they made contributed to my family member getting sick like they did, so enough of that shiz.  I’ll be keeping my end of the bargain, I guarantee that.

Two, no more of that dumb satellite TV. They only watch like two channels out of it anyway, have been for years, and the company’s done nothing but treat us like crap the whole time. After the way the technician refused to wear a mask when they came by last November, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and I’m super done w/ them.

I’m sure their penalty fee for early cancellation will be brutal, but it’ll be worth it to wash our hands of that wretched company that must never be named.

I’ve found their TV obsessions on Roku for free, so that’s what they’re getting. I still haven’t been able to sell them on network TV. They’ll oooh and ahhh over what I tell them about it, then dither and thumb their noses at it.

My plans this weekend are to start packing my room after I knock out more stuff from my day job. And pick up a Roku device while I’m at it, since I feel like I’ve sold them on it. The weather’s turning decent for the weekend, so I hope to be able to make it over to the record shop at some point, and also make my rounds with the neighborhood stores to pick up boxes they don’t want anymore.

How ’bout you, readers? What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below! Speaking of which, let’s ring in the weekend with some links to talk about below, and share with others.

Speaking of moves, housing scams along with rental scams are a thing. As a blogger, it is my duty to educate you on the important stuff so you don’t fall victim to these losers. If you’re on track to move to a new place, and you find what turns out to be a scam, report them to the admins of the site you found them on, and report it to the FBI and the FTC. Definitely report them ASAP, but you also have additional recourse: you can always consider sending their information my way.

Remember how we talked about Dabl the other day? They put out a pre-spring cleaning challenge. I’m gonna do this while we pack for the move with the stuff nobody’s cared about in at least 10-15 years.

Speaking of which, they mention textile recycling with Planet Aid. My area doesn’t have any drop-off locations, but I’d love to see that change. In the same boat as yours truly? No probs. They got us covered with some options.

Hilarious site about crappy real-estate photos. My favorite so far is the one of the beachfront property redolent of the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944. The one with the buttload of crochet stuff, including some weird thing covering the ceiling, gets an honorable mention from me so far.

What a great post on a trip down memory lane with old journals and notebooks! I still have mine, and for most of them, the initial embarrassment has yet to wear off, haha. BTW, I had two of those Gelly Roll journals, and they disappeared from the store shelves before I could get my hands on the other two. I wish they’d bring ’em back.

I love the way people in country music like Mickey Guyton and Maren Morris, and several others are stepping up to help the people of Texas.

Speaking of which, this article details the fallout this storm’s caused. In my neck of the woods, we’re seeing the snow melt, but we’re due for more this weekend. It’s not likely to stick, but I hope we’re in the clear soon. I hope the same for everyone else who’s been affected by this miserable weather, too.

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