Public Service Announcement: The COVID Vaccine

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I had other plans for today’s post, and had this rolling around since last week. As we, the collective we, start shifting toward normalcy, or at least as close to it as possible, more and more people are talking about the COVID-19 vaccines. This is what I’ll be posting about today instead, because it’s my duty as a blogger to set a good example for you readers, and for whoever finds this. A good resource is the CDC-approved website here.

This time a year ago, we were in lockdown and quarantine. The neighborhood was a ghost town before its’ time, with school letting out, and the events that usually go on there canceled due to the pandemic. Social distancing entered our lexicon, and we had to stay 6 feet away from each other.

The bus even suspended fare collection out of an abundance of caution, and refused to let anyone on without a mask or face shield that was otherwise able to wear one.

At the store, there were signs everywhere telling us where we had to go, how many of us could go in any one direction or aisle, and which demographic could shop at which times.

Otherwise, the news reports or whatever told us that if we had a choice, we needed to stay home. If there was a possibility of exposure, we had to quarantine for two weeks. Shelter in place was the rule. Essential trips only.

Face masks were in very short supply as a result, to the point there was practically a run on ’em. So people started making them and selling them online, and others used whatever they had knocking around the house like bandanas and hair ties.

This was what yours truly did in the early months of the lockdown. I used bandanas, and folded them up around some old hair ties that totally wrecked my hair.

Events were canceled across the board, and the local TV station started airing reruns of things from like forever ago. They even aired old commercials for local businesses that haven’t existed in at least five presidential administrations.

Aside from a local amusement park, and a few pools in town having set hours for us members of the general public to go swimming, it was a lost summer for sure.

As summer faded into fall, and then into the hellish death freeze of winter, the reports of a vaccine started talking about how it was coming soon.

Back in late January or early February, I forget exactly when, the former president got their vaccine. They were one of the groups who got first dibs on the vaccine, along with essential workers. Then it was the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

The original plan was for those of us who didn’t fit those groups to be able to get the shot right about this time. However, that was pushed back to April or May, and soon, the vaccines were in short supply.

There was a scary news report about how someone got sick from the vaccine from a specific brand and manufacturer. However, this person was also taking a medication notorious for causing their illness, and from what I gathered, the vaccine was the straw that broke the camel’s back for them.

Instances like this have turned out to be a major rarity, and to those out there who have ended up being among the outliers, my heart goes out to you. I mean that!

For awhile, I held off on getting the vaccine. There were other people who needed it more than me anyway, and besides, it took a year for it to make it to the market in comparison to the decade or so it took for vaccines for other illnesses and diseases.

But then I got to thinking: maybe we should ask why it takes decades in order for other vaccines to make it to the market when this took a year. Maybe it’s time to trust the vaccine, and move on.

That’s what I’ve decided to do. I hit up Wally World to get the first dose of the Moderna vaccine this time a week ago. As someone who struggles horribly with needles no matter what, as in, actual pain when others swear otherwise, it was difficult.

I won’t lie about the side effects: they knocked me on my ass. I had them give it to me in my bad arm, so I could keep my good one functioning. That was the best decision I made, due to the muscle pain it caused me. The pain I was in was enough I probably should’ve had something stronger than the OTC stuff, but I decided to duke it out on my own instead. I didn’t have the time for anything else but dealing with it anyway.

I had this weird, metallic and burning taste in my mouth. It wasn’t to the extent it had an impact on the way foods tasted, but it came and went for me.

I’d also heard instances of it messing with periods for those of us who have ’em, like yours truly. I started mine last weekend. It was on time, and same as it has been all along.

In a few more weeks, I’m due for the next dose. After that, I can officially trust the vaccine and move on. I’ve masked up for 15 months. I’ve done as I’m told, and will continue to do as I’m told by trusting the vaccine.

Readers, I encourage you to do the same. Get the vaccine if you haven’t yet done so, and are able to be vaccinated. The sooner we can collectively put this whole mess behind us, the better.

Over to you, readers. Have you gotten the vaccine yet if you’re able to? If so, which one? How’d it go? If you haven’t gotten the vaccine and are able to, do you have plans to do so? Sound off below, and let’s talk.

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