Just a little post to let you readers know that I will be elsewhere for the next several days. I’m taking the  long-awaited opportunity to go to the fair this year since it’s come to town for the next week and a half.

Last year, there was no fair, only a few days of the chance to buy food we’d find at the fair. It was once during the summer, before the fair would’ve started, and once in the fall. Both times, I went to get funnel cakes for a family member, since they’re all about those.

This year, the fair is back. I’ve got my advance tickets, along with two years’ worth of change cashed in, and it’s off to the races.

After today’s (very rare!) Saturday post, things will be a bit quieter than they have been as of late for about a week or so, maybe sooner. However, I will pop in periodically to check on the state of the union around here.

So, until next week or so, be good to yerselves and each other.



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