Yesterday was the last official day of summer. Sad, but true. Idk about you readers, but I wish summer would never end. This makes today the first day of fall 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere, and the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

I used to love the fall season years ago. At least in theory. I loved Halloween, and the chance to dress up. As a kid, I went as Disney princesses up until I sized out of them, which was far earlier than I should have since I was so overweight so early on.

We also used to go to this trick-or-treating event held each year at one of the more popular venues in town, up until we fizzled out of it in middle school. Now that I think about it, I hope I get the chance to go this year purely for old time’s sake, haha.

In high school, I quickly noticed that this was the only time of year where I could find the black nail polish, glow-in-the-dark makeup and nail polish, and spray-in hair color that I liked. Unfortunately the hair color ended up drastically different from what the cap color showed, and what was on the model since my natural hair color’s dark to begin with.

Whatevs. I’ll take what I can get, haha.

After college, I used to admire the fall styles like tall boots, wraps, and all that stuff, but none of it worked for me, either due to my weight at the time, my height, or a combination of both. The tall boots I saw on others around town didn’t come in a size 3, so I figured I’ll be on the lookout for something even vaguely similar.

I still am, btw.

In recent years, fall started losing its’ appeal to me for numerous reasons. To me, it signified the end of another year come and gone, no closer to meeting any of the goals I set out, and it was a reminder of such.

On the flip side, as I moved forward in my weight loss these past few years, the costumes I’d always wanted started opening up to me as options. Stuff I previously considered off limits became a possibility for me.

I’d seen a listing on Etsy for a custom costume before I lost the weight, and now I’m glad I held off on it. It wasn’t cheap, and if I had gone through with ordering one, I’d be out roughly 500 bucks as of about 80 pounds ago.

This year, I’ve toyed around with the idea of making my own version from a vintage pattern I found on eBay. While it clearly won’t be like the original, it’ll be similar enough in my size, and I’m cool w/ that.

Outside of costumes, for me, this is a season full of unknowns and uncertainties due to some family things going on. Job hunting’s been a joke from the get-go, and I’m making damn sure I remember all of it.

This way, when these companies start crying and whining about needing help, it makes it that much easier for me to keep it moving and write them off.

Right now, I’m still in summer mode, albeit to a lesser extent these days since the weather’s cooling off. My seasonal allergies are starting to kick in, which sucks to no end.

Maybe this year, getting into fall mode will take time. In any case, I’ll try to take part in a few fall things, if for no other reason than as a favor to you readers.

Over to you, readers. Today’s the first day of fall. Is it something you’re here for, ambivalent about, or not looking forward to at all? Sound off below, and let’s talk.

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