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What’s good, everyone? It’s hard to believe yet another week has gone by. Weekend time’s upon us, and that means it’s time to discuss weekend plans. Mine are to continue serving out my life sentence, since I’ve accepted that nothing will ever change. After a year of this crap, it’s not a season. It’s a sentence, and obviously, it’s my lot in life. How can anything ever get better, when nothing ever changes? I’m so sick of this, and I’m hating life more and more by the second. I’ve thought about going to a neighborhood restaurant, since I hear it’s gonna warm up enough, but I’ll leave it up in the air for now. I’ll decide later today, and go from there.

Otherwise, I’m staying in. After I wiped out in the middle of the street riding a scooter earlier this week, I still feel like someone tried to beat me with a 20 pound sledgehammer. The silver lining is that I fell on my good side, so there’s that.

Enough about me. How ’bout you, readers? What are your weekend plans? Shopping trips? Movies? Disney World? Beach? I hope so, for my own sake, and for yours too. If not, then we’re in this together.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

I’d love to try this meatloaf recipe sometime.

Same with this Shepherd’s Pie-style potato mash recipe.

[Content Notice: This link contains mention of racism, prejudice, and abusive language toward women and women-identifying persons.] Someone I follow on LinkedIn, Alex Boye, and his wife Julie, got some hate mail about their family. The assface who sent them the hate mail used race-based and gender-based slurs. This happened 10 years ago, and this is their response to those sick bastards. So here for it! Anyone who dogs on others for the way they look and their ethnicities is a sack of nuts. The sickest thing is that the letter writer supposedly has kids themselves. If they’re not lying about that, (and I really hope they are) then I hope that those kids learn better values than they obviously have. BTW, here’s the Boye family’s blog, and their Instagram. I gave them a follow last weekend.

Eve had her first child last week. Welcome to the world, Wilde!

This piece about a guy who created a forest with a little help from his team and some locals is so inspiring.

How to respond to stupid interview questions without telling the askers to get bent.

A CliffsNotes version of what we wore in the 1990s. At least, those of us who were of age did, anyway. Kirsten Dunst’s dress is closer to what I remember seeing in middle school. I was too big to wear them in middle school, and now that I’ve lost the weight, the ones I remembered seeing in the stores back then would probably be too big for me. Whatever would still have fit width-wise would’ve been far too long for me. I’ve found something similar that I’ve got my eye on, when I find another job.

Judy Blume books are basically a rite of passage, and I’ve read most of them. Yes, even that one. This piece about several of Blume’s books coming to e-readers talks about how it’s all well and good, but it can’t beat the hard-copy formats we’ve come to know and love. BTW, Michael’s a fucking chode, and I wouldn’t blow my v-card on him even if someone paid me.

Last month, we sadly lost Andre Leon Talley, and now we’ve lost Thierry Mugler. Rest in peace, guys.

Love this piece about South African artist and Ndebele Superhero Zana Masombuka.

An oldie but a goodie about the things to never do for free. At this point, it’s a consultation. For me, lesson learned the hard way, the most recent being a company (and a publicly-traded one at that) bilking me out of what I’ve figured at about a thousand bucks worth of content, with the amount of work that went into it and the amount of research involved. Joke’s on them, when all is said and done. They can’t legally use it anyway.

We talked about how Bob Saget died from a head injury, and this post talks about how commonplace this is, as sad as it is to think about.

Great piece from the Today Show about using connection instead of the silent treatment during disagreements and conflict. The original poster talked about how they used to do the silent treatment, but moved on from that. Love it!

It’s been a hot minute since I last stopped by Dinner: A Love Story, so I popped on by to see what was new in their world. Her father-in-law recently passed on at the age of 81. He liked to write poems, and this post gives you an idea as to what he wrote. There’s a story he wrote about his time as a soda jerk. I know it’s late, but in any case, if you find this, I’m so sorry for your loss, Jenny! Rest in peace, sweet Stephen.

Last, but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 14-year-old Delicious Abdelrahman of Omaha, NE was on January 29th. According to the poster, Delicious may still be in town, or may be in Council Bluffs, IA. If you see a child matching her description, make that call. Let’s get her home safe to the people who love her.

On a happier note, there was an active AMBER Alert for Nova Sampson last week. I’m happy to report that Nova has been found safe, and is home with his grandma. According to the article, his dad and his girlfriend abducted him, and they’re now in custody.

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