A decorative image with a black background, with text that reads "Happy Twosday, February 22nd, 2022" in celebration of Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022, or 2-22-2022.

I had other plans for today’s post, but since today’s a unique day in the calendar year, I’ve decided to put my other plans on ice, and make today’s post a commemoration of Twosday, February 22nd, 2022. Written numerically, that means either 2-22-22, or 22-2-22. Whichever way you write it, it’s a palindrome, and it doesn’t happen.

The last time this happened, it was December 12th, 2012. 12-12-12. Of course, there was also November 11th, 2011, or 11-11-11.

As part of my contribution to commemorate this day, a local country radio station started playing two songs from an artist before moving on to the next one. Here they are, in chronological order from the start of the day to the end, and copied and pasted from my notepad. Originals are in my journal.

courtesy of the red white and blue
wish i didn’t know now
what about now
the world
when i get where i’m going
she’s not the cheatin kind
play something country
before he cheats
two black cadillacs
lovin on you
forever after all
she’s got it all
there goes my life
somebody like you
better life
don’t rock the jukebox
remember when
settling down
mama’s broken heart
i’ll name the dogs
boys round here
how do you like me now
should’ve been a cowboy
i’m alright
heads carolina, tails california
one more last chance
don’t let our love start slipping away
most people are good
crash my party
life is a highway
my wish
is there life out there
love without end amen
she’ll leave you with a smile
watermelon crawl
holdin heaven
sold the grundy county auction incident
i swear
nothin like you
how forever feels
when the sun goes down
unanswered prayers
john deere green
pickup man
hell yeah
something to be proud of
man i feel like a woman
you’re still the one
got what i got
the truth
she’s in love with the boy
x’s and o’s
long black train
hometown girl
callin baton rouge
what she’s doin now
when it rains it pours
down on the farm
southern girl
bye bye
stand beside me
i cross my heart
check yes or now
don’t it
that’s how country boys roll
what was i thinkin
i hold on
neon moon
that aint no way to go
sweet thing
where the blacktop ends
easy come easy go
carrying your love with me
chasin that neon rainbow
gone country
life’s a dance
i can love you like that
norma jean riley
god’s country
just to see you smile
don’t take the girl
what hurts the most
these days
all american girl
church bells
help me hold on
take it easy
whatever it is
party crowd
everythings gonna be alright
any man of mine
whose bed have your boots been under
kiss a girl
blue aint your color
walking in memphis
my front porch looking in
aint nothing bout you
lost and found
american soldier
american ride
the way you love me
drink a beer
what she wants tonight
lights come on
if i didn’t love you
need you now
carried away
i just want to dance witih you
save it for a rainy day
she got the best of me
better together
i like it i love it
something like that
god blessed texas
what might have been
two of a kind
the dance
gettin you home
famous friends
it’s five o clock somewhere
little bitty
sunny and 75
don’t blink
i go back
write this down
one number away
lovin on you
brand new man
rock my world
cowboy take me away
beautiful mess
meet in the middle
take your time
leave the night on
that summer
aint going down til the sun comes up
no one else on earth
i saw the light
wild angels
this one’s for the girls
she’s everything
i’m gonna miss her
no one needs to know
that don’t impress me much
we didn’t have much
small town usa
she thinks my tractor’s sexy
real good man
it’s your love
nobody in his right mind
blame it on you
sunrise sunburn sunset
all my friends say
the river
papa loved mama
two dozen roses
i want to be loved like that
killin time
nothin but the taillights
tennessee whiskey
broken halos
born country
i’m in a hurry
head over boots
night shift
cowboy casanova
jesus take the wheel
i see you
i don’t want this night to end
much too young to feel this damn old
if tomorrow never comes
get along
big star
tall tall trees
she’s got the rhythm
fast cars and freedom
i’m movin on
i’m gonna be somebody
good as you
the night the lights went out in georgia
the greatest man i never knew
i’ll name the dogs
happy anywhere
come a little closer
lot of leavin left to do
this aint no thinkin thing
honky tonk badonkadonk
it’s a little too late
bubba shot the jukebox
raised on country
i’m comin over
boot scootin boogie
my maria
living and living well
baby blue
this is country music
whiskey lullaby
baby girl
stuck like glue
if i could make a living
what’s it to you
there goes my life
american kids
livin on love
i don’t even know your name
boys round here
neon light
the thunder rolls
a few more cowboys
god love her
where it’s at
good girl
settling down

Over to you, readers. Doing anything special for Twosday? Yes, no, maybe so? Either way, I’d love to hear all about it. Drop it all like it’s hot below, and let’s talk.

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