Juneteenth Observed 2022

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Yesterday, June 19th 2022 was the official day of Juneteenth, but since it’s a national holiday, today is Juneteenth observed 2022. This means a bank holiday, and since I don’t normally post on bank holidays (at least up until this job search swallowed my life whole and became my literal be-all end-all), I’m breaking w/ tradition in honor of Juneteenth, and in ongoing recognition of my readers of shared emerging majority identities.

As someone who is afforded various benefits in some ways, but not in others, I recognize that in the past, I had benefits that I assumed were a given for everyone. This is b/c I, and virtually everyone else, was born into a flawed and fucked-up system, and we don’t know any different. Due to the benefits I’m afforded in some ways, we don’t have to know different, as someone I follow over on Instagram said after what happened to George Floyd this time a little over 2 years ago.

Prejudiced ideas, biased worldviews, and racist beliefs are so commonplace in society, and it shouldn’t have ever been this way. These ideas even work their way into our common lexicons, like w/ certain idioms. As a blogger, fuck, as a human being, it’s my responsibility to take this into account, and learn differently.

I wanna bring my kids into a world that makes it safe for Brown and Black children to stay the children they are, where they don’t have to worry about some grown prejudiced mofos making assumptions and calling them out of their names in sick ways.

I want them to live in a world where there are better checks and balances in our law enforcement ranks, and booting those like George Floyd’s killers from the force long before they ever got to where they were at. I want them to be able to trust law enforcement to do the right thing by protecting and serving community members of all identities, not just a select few.

All of George’s killers had histories of abusing the power and the privilege bestowed on them as members of law enforcement, and they shouldn’t have ever been on the force in the first place. Law enforcement is a huge burden, a privilege, a power, and a responsibility. The members of our law enforcement communities took that oath to protect and serve, and that means protecting and serving everyone.

I want my kids to live in a world where we don’t have to be scared shytless of going to the store, and wondering if there’s another one just like the shooter lurking outside while we’re doing our things. I live in a neighborhood similar to the victims of the Tops store shooting in Buffalo back in May.

I want my kids to live in a world where their friends of shared identities, regardless of what those identities are, aren’t used as marketing collateral fodder on a specific day and ignored every other day of the year.

There are companies who made some serious missteps in recognition of Juneteenth, like a certain chain store’s idea of house-branded ice cream, and certain personal care product packaging. This piece over on CNN talks about why actual change is more important than marketing gimmicks.

Actions speak louder than words. Let’s put our money toward supporting Black-owned and Brown-owned businesses. If you’ve been here for at least a hot minute, you’ll know we’re all about supporting small businesses on general principle, and we’re all about small businesses owned by those of shared identities.

This will be a growing list, but to start off, in no specific order, there’s UniqlyTru, a digital design agency (Guess what? Vickia’s a connection of mine, and I can say for sure if anyone’s in the market for graphic design work, you’ll be in good hands!).

Anya Lust is one of my favorites. I had the chance to get this collar from there before my life turned into the worthless shitstorm it is now, haha. (JSYK, this probably isn’t safe for work.)

Zoe and Co. Candle Company is one I been following over on Instagram and Facebook since the pandemic.

Shea Makery took a huge hit b/c of the pandemic, but they’re back in action and seem to be doing great these days! I got their cast-iron skillet wax melt warmer, and I love it to bits.

Cases by Justine has some major boss phone cases. I’m in dire need of a new one, since mine’s looking like a hot mess and has been for a year or so.

Over to you, readers. How’re you gonna spend the observance of Juneteenth 2022, and how’d you spend the actual Juneteenth this year? Whatever y’all did, I’d love to hear all about it. Drop your thoughts and takeaways like they’re hot below, and let’s talk.

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