Notes from the Road, #28: A Year Later

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[Content Note: This post talks about death and dying, so if this is something you’re not in the headspace to hear about, I encourage you to give this post a miss and go check out some of my other stuff. No hard feelings, you do you, and you know what’s best for yourself. If you decide to move forward w/ this, and it brings up some difficult feelings for you, I encourage you to reach out to the peeps at the Crisis Text Line.]

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since IT happened.

November 4th, 2021.

8:10 AM, CST.

Nothing’s changed. It’s never once gotten better. How can it when literally NOTHING ever changes? Sure, there’s been a ton of stories in the news and changes in new technologies. There’s new Disney movies coming out, new stuff coming and going from the Roku channels and other free content channels for the Roku.

Other than that, it’s been 2021 Part II: The Terror Continues.

The day my mom died, I wanted to be able to say that I got a job lined up, and that everything’s gonna be ok.

But nooooooo. That never happened. Companies made it clear they’d all sooner die than ever stoop to my garbage level, and they weren’t interested in a single damn thing I ever had to say or offer them.

Honestly, I coulda been an astronaut for NASA, speak 15 languages, read 25 more, and have 50 bestsellers published, and it still wouldn’t matter to them. I was still literal dogshit in their books.

Looking back, it was probably for the best. I know for sure it was for the best in one instance, where the hiring manager lashed out at me and resorted to character assassination in the rejection email a week or so after my mom died.

They’re not on Glassdoor, and they oughta consider themselves damn lucky. Otherwise, I’d be singing like a canary about em on there.

Same deal w/ what turned out to be a scammy MLM I came close to falling for. I found these asswads on ZipRecruiter. They’re still there even after I reported their dumbasses. It was 2 weeks after my mom died, and I was at the license plate place in town transferring my mom’s car title to my name so I could sell it. It was too old for Carvana, so we found a local place that would take it.

The person who called me while I was there gave me a different name than the company name I applied at, which was red flag #1. They arranged a time for a phone call w/ their “upline,” so I ended up cutting the trip short and just barely making it back home in time for the call. Red flag #2. By the time they called, I’d done the homework, and while I wasn’t 100% sure this was an MLM since the Glassdoor reviews didn’t mention it, I had my suspicions. They called, and basically bragged lyrical about how they “help” grieving families and all that stuff. As soon as I said I was looking for a salary, they couldn’t end the call fast enough.

The one who called me probably legit believed they were helping grieving families, but they’re not.

That told me all I needed to know about them and what they were really all about. At the time, I felt so duped. But then I got to thinking after I saw something on the AntiMLM subreddit. These jerk fucks put in so much effort to hide their essence of pyramid and make themselves look legit, and I saw the man behind the curtain early on in the game.

That’s something to be proud of.

I could go on about them, but that’s a story for some other time. I’ll just mention that they’ve earned themselves tenure track on my shyt list, and that it’s my fondest hope they go outta business.

I’ll never understand how someone could look a vulnerable, desperate job seeker in the eye and lie to them like that, and be able to live w/ themselves.

Damn, these companies can go to hell and fuck themselves. Same w/ the tobacco industry. My feelings toward them in the post a year ago still stand to this day.

Fuck this fuckin industry, and the horse it rode in on, now and forever.

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