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It’s Fri-yay, everyone, and we all know what that means: weekend time’s upon us once again, and talk weekend plans. This time, I actually got some good news to report for once on the job front: I got accepted for a seasonal role, and also an as-needed role w/ a local agency. Orientation’s next week, and I never thought I’d ever live to see the day this happened. It’s not the direction I was hoping for, but I’m at peace w/ that, and I don’t care anymore.

I’m feeling cautiously optimistic, since as we know, it’s insane how quickly tables can turn. A company I applied at refused to even give me the time of day, even though a friend of mine worked there. They were going through layoffs, and my friend was among it. No warning, no nothing. Just booted my friend from the email account and the Slack channel.

Yeah, that company can go kick rocks, as far as I’m concerned, same as they told me to do, through their actions. I no longer feel one bit sorry for that company, and that company is hereby dead to me.

Anyways, my weekend plans are to go make some stuff I’ve been meaning to for the longest time, and since it’s gonna warm up in my neck of the woods, I may take advantage of it later on. I’m also gonna put the decorations up for the holiday season. This way, I can get into the holiday spirit.

Over to you, readers. What’re your weekend plans? I’d love to hear all about it, so drop it all like it’s hot hot hot, and let’s get this party started up in here.

In true TMW tradition, I got us a list of links from around the netz for us to talk about, share, what have you.

I’d love to try this cranberry chutney recipe from scratch sometime.

Anyone heard of Hogan’s Heroes? It airs on MeTV, a channel on network TV. Anyways, we lost Robert Clary this week. Rest in peace, Robert. We love you.

[Note: this link contains mention of CSAM.] Professional asswad child abuser and consent violator (to put it lightly) gets another life sentence in prison, along w/ his dirty wookalar skank accomplices. I won’t name any of em. They’re nameless trash, and the ones who matter are their victims. I’m holding space for every single one of their victims, and I hope that their abusers’ conviction helps start the process of moving forward and gives them even a shred of peace.

I’m only familiar w/ Iron Man in passing, but this is a cool piece anyways.

A 10-year-old boy speaks out about stranger danger. It’s not just a thing of the 80s, and this shyt happens to boys too, not just girls.

Never knew this was a thing, but I’m in the U.S., so wtf would I know, haha.

Last but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 16-year-old Sha’nija Williams and her 12-year-old sister Sani’ Davis of Baton Rouge, LA, was on August 8th, 2022. Their profiles say Sha’nija’s baby is in their company. If you see children matching their descriptions, or know anything at all about where they were at after August 8th, 2022, make that call. Let’s get Sha’nija, her baby, and Sani’ home to those who care about em before the holidays, eh?

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