Blogger’s Highway #5: 3 Year Anniversary

So much has happened since this blog first started around this time 3 years ago. It feels like only yesterday I set up this blog over on the free version of WordPress, until I was able to go self-hosted during the holiday sales of 2020.

As I’ve mentioned here before, this blog got its’ start long before this or the free WordPress version ever came to be. If you ever come across the free WordPress version, you’ll only see the “Coming Soon” screen. It’s gonna stay that way. The only reason I’ve decided to keep it is as a memento and a reminder of where I started.

I went into 2021 w/ so much hope for my blog and my job search, but none of that happened. 2021 was a garbage year for me, and so was 2022. Things only ever started looking up for me toward the end of the year, and by then, I felt like so much of the year was enough of a disaster that I didn’t even bother salvaging what was left of it.

2021 and 2022 can go die in a ditch and rot in hell, for all I care.

Everyone involved in ruining both 2021 and 2022 is thankfully long gone from my life, and I hope it stays that way.

For several months, this blog basically went dark. I’m sure whatever readers I’ll have down the road probably weren’t around for that, and tbh, they’re not missing anything.

I spent anywhere from 50-100 hours a week on the job search, and the oceans of rejections and the nasty behavior I got from way too many of the Powers that Be royally fucked w/ me mentally and emotionally.

I wasn’t in the headspace to do much of anything beyond that, and I quit caring about anything else in life but the job search, which is why the posts from that time were so few and far between.

Those scars are still w/ me, and it’s been a year since all this ended. I feel like this is always gonna be the case, and if it’s not, either way I’ll never forgive those Powers that Be for the way they acted toward me.

I’m probably just one of many job seekers they’ve mistreated and abused over time, and one of many since then.

I’ll never understand how ppl like that can live w/ themselves. I couldn’t, so maybe it’s for the best that specific job search direction ultimately didn’t work out.

I wouldn’t want that industry to have to stoop to my level and suffer w/ me anyways.

Now I’m at a crossroads. Do I give up on this blog altogether?

No. I set this up for my future kids, and I set this up to help at least one person out there who started out where I used to be. Nobody gets to take this away from me, and nobody gets to treat me like shyt over it.

I’ve put 3 years worth of time and money into this. There’s no turning back now. I’m in it to win it, all in.

There’s nobody around to ruin my job for me, or dictate my job for me by making the choice to bytch about how “you don’t need 2 jobs, blah blah blah”, which is exactly the way I like it.

I’m at peace now. Even though I’m having a hard time getting back in the swing of things here, what w/ the 10 hour workdays, it still beats the alternative.

I’m not sure what’s in store next for this blog, but I know for sure it’s something I’m continuing w/ for the long haul, now that I’ve successfully been able to keep the lights on for this corner of the ‘netz for another year.

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