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This week has gone by so fast! I can’t believe it. I swear to God it has to be Monday, and someone’s playing an evil April Fool’s joke on me. My day job has hit a dry spell, which happens after holiday weekends, but it looks to be picking back up again. It left me more time to work on this for you readers, so that’s a plus.

Yesterday’s episode of Law and Order SVU was seriously intense, wasn’t it? This is the last new episode at least until next year. Until then, it’s holiday specials and reruns. Will any of you be watching them? It’s up in the air for me.

Do any of you have anything special going on this weekend? Drop your weekend plans below, and let’s talk. Me, I’m hoping I have the chance to hit up the craft store again after looking at the shop’s in-store availability for what I’m looking for. I’ve finally decided on the type and the colorway, but would like to hold off and make the final decision until I’ve seen it in person. Otherwise, I may stop by a neighborhood restaurant and see who’s performing there. If I’ve got the time, I’ll go in and work on more stuff for the blog.

Enough of my filibustering. Now it’s time for some links to check out, talk about, and share:

Scammers are pretending to be Amazon and Apple, as some of you may already know. Someone in your life may not, so share this with them and talk about it. It just may save them or someone they know.

In the world of country music, Garth Brooks and Charley Pride did a duet, and there’s a fascinating story behind it. I was wondering when they would, btw. I wish there was some way I could find it and check it out. My local library says it’s on pre-order, along with Amazon.

Love this article about a shop out of the U.K. that will be coming out with swim scarves! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing their relaunch next spring.

This NYT cookie box tutorial looks like so much fun! My cookie jar has sat empty for a long time while I’ve been working on getting through other things I’ve meal-prepped and made. [EDIT 9-6-2022: The link isn’t broken, just paywalled. Feel free to Google it.]

I always loved reading about Pompeii in school. Now there’s a push to save it.


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