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What a long and difficult week this has been for a lot of us. There’s been Winter Storm Uri, and the fallout from that in some areas, including the redunkulously cold weather. All this on top of the pandemic! My heart goes out to all of you affected by the storms and the weather, regardless of what that may look like for you. I mean that.

My grandma lives in another state east of us, and she mentioned that they got slammed with snow over the weekend, and that she was stuck at home because of it.

For me, it’s been a long week of me taking on more work from my day job and getting garbage out so I can continue packing. My family member came home from the hospital on Monday, so that’s good. We’re on track to sign the lease for the house we’ve been approved for next week. The security deposit’s more than I was expecting, so this weekend I’ll work on getting that together. Our current landlord gave us the option of skipping the rent and getting the remainder of our deposit back, and we agreed that was the more economical option.

I’m so over Jack and Jill bathrooms for sure, regardless of whether there’s another bathroom in the house or not. In this case, it’s the only one. Seriously, they fuckin suck, and they suck donkey balls. They’re now an automatic dealbreaker for me when it comes to house hunting. They act like a megaphone when someone decides the TV has to be jet-engine loud, making it impossible to get any sleep worth writing home about.

After we sign the lease, my plan is to get started on having mail forwarded, and updating my profiles with my favorite stores to reflect the new address. Thankfully it won’t be far from where we’re at now, so that’ll knock the moving cost down even more. The people who lived in the new house left some stuff behind that I could totally use, so I’ll talk to the landlord about hanging on to it. Depending on whether or not one piece of furniture will fit in the room I called dibs on, it’ll either go there, or in the basement. I’ve been looking at paints to give it a new look, since the previous owner wrecked it.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links below to share, talk about, and pass on to someone else. What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s talk.

This article talks about the racial disparities when it comes to home ownership, and how it’s still not a level playing field when it comes to home ownership accessibility. It’s 2021. This shyt shouldn’t even be a thing in this day and age.

I’ve been following the issue of mental health within the medical community, ever since I found Dr. Wible’s blog a few years ago. The med school in my town held a screening of “Do No Harm,” obviously before the pandemic started, and I was there. This post from a few years back is so compelling, and so is this post from a few days ago on how to deal with the aftermath of a suicide.

Ways to cope with change, with some neat takeaways. On a totally unrelated note, that theme is the same one I used back when I was on the free WordPress platform, so it has a special place in my heart.

Great post about Native American and First Nations cultures, and the ways that certain cultural figureheads misrepresent and cause harm to living communities within these nations, namely with the story of Matoaka (I’ve also seen her referred to as Amonute), and the Little House series. In terms of the latter, some may argue that these books were a product of their times. To an extent, they were. A lot of people held similar worldviews towards those not like them back then, and sadly still do today. However, there were just as many who didn’t think the way these people did, and viewed people of other cultures as human beings just like us. Native American and First Nations cultures have always been an interest of mine, so expect to see more about this as well.

I’d love to make this after the move, b/c I’ve already got all the sewing stuff packed. I feel like it would totally work for a pattern I found from 1992 in my size, and I could see still being workable  after I lose the last of this weight, haha.

This egg salad looks like a great way to get rid of the leftover eggs I’ve got living in the fridge. I’ve got one of my clamp jars free, so maybe this is a sign?


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