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Is it Friday already?! Wow, where’s this week gone? Spring Break’s coming to a close, and like it usually is, it’s been cold and dreary weather for it. Anyways, up until today, this week seemed to drag on by. It rained earlier this week on the day I’d hoped to make it out to Target to pick up a few things for the new house, but I guess I’ll be doing that this weekend. Hopefully this will be when we get the green light to start moving in, haha.

My weekend plans are to continue packing for the move and getting stuff to an accessible area of the house. This way, when we get the go-ahead, I can knock out boxes right away instead of having to drag ’em out from all over the house. I’ve got two more assignments from my day job after I get this one done, and after that, I’m taking time off from any new ones until after the move.

What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below! While we’re at it, here’s some links I’ve found for us to talk about in the comments and share with others to ring in the weekend.

I somehow forgot about these people in the time it’s been since the shootings, but this article talks about a really disgusting move from this magazine that calls itself satire. I won’t name it in here to give it any more publicity than it deserves after this, but I feel like this publication is trivializing what happened to George Floyd by depicting Meghan Markle and the Queen Mother in this way. Meghan’s made it clear that the Queen was nothing but good to her, and for this magazine to stoop to the level of slander on top of ridiculing an inexcusable tragedy is reprehensible.

In case anyone missed it, Mickey Guyton got nominated for a Grammy award. I’m bummed she didn’t win the Grammy, but hopefully that’ll change next year!

If anyone else here is a cord-cutter in the market for a new antenna, this article’s definitely something to read and file away. I’ve seen the ads for a few of the antennas listed in the article, and had a feeling something was off with them. Readers, do your homework before buying an antenna. Any company that claims their antenna’s mileage is upwards of 100-200 miles is blowing smoke up our collective asses, because that kind of mileage is impossible due to the earth’s curvature, the terrain, weather conditions, and any obstacles that could potentially impact reception.

In the world of scammers, this post talks about email, or phishing scams. These turds will pretend to be well-known companies like Amazon, or a tech company like Norton, AVG, or whatever, send you an email out of nowhere claiming you bought something from them when you didn’t. Usually email clients are pretty good about sending these straight to the spam folder where they belong, but sometimes they’ll get through the radar. Readers, never click on any link contained in the fishy email. If you get one of these emails, report it and any phone numbers listed in it to the FTC. While you’re at it, maybe consider sending those phone numbers my way? Just an idea.

If anyone here’s been following the very real issue of physician mental health, this post talks about how overachieving is basically self-harm. Wow. While I’m not in the healthcare industry, the closest I’ve come to the stories in the post is going to class after I had two wisdom teeth pulled back in college, and also hammering out three day job assignments in one night after I had another tooth pulled about a year and a half ago. This was before the blog came along, but there’s some valuable takeaways for each of us, yours truly included. Doctors, or really anyone who feels like this is how it has to be, or else whatever Powers that Be will do whatever to you, you deserve better.

Now for something a bit more lighthearted: who here has done mug recipes? I found this, and it hadn’t occurred to me to do the Southwest-style meatloaf in a mug before. Maybe after the move, I’ll try it out sometime.

And for something fun and inspirational: this article about a polyglot studying medicine and surgery at the University of Nigeria is major goals! Seriously, I wish I was a polyglot.


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