Hey there, readers!

You may have noticed that my posts have gotten fewer than they were this time at the beginning of this year, and were probably wondering what was going on.

As of the date of this writing, we’re still waiting on the official green light to start moving in. Getting ready for the move has proven more difficult than I expected, especially in light of recent events. I’m duking out as much of the move as I can on my own, including whatever furniture I’m still able to manage by myself. I’m not putting my family in jeopardy any more than I have to, and if I end up getting hurt as a result, then so be it. Jimmy crack corn and IDGAF.

The move will probably take up more of my time than I expect, along with the last of the monster workload I’ve taken on from my day job to help fund this move. Now that I’ve knocked out the remaining assignments I took on to help fund the move, I only have revisions before we close out on those.

Therefore, I will be putting this blog on hold for the remainder of the week, and quite possibly into next week too, with the exception of the Friday link roundup.

But don’t worry, readers. I’ll have content ready to roll soon, and we’ll be back in the game.

In the meantime, have a look around, check out the new deals and steals going on in the sidebar, or if you’re in the mood for some reading, some of my previous posts. More importantly, stay safe and healthy. I want y’all in one piece. Seriously. I mean it.

Until then, toodles!

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