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Wow, this week’s been long, and dreary in my neck of the woods. Between getting ready for the move, waiting for the go-ahead from the new house to start moving in, wrapping up on some assignments from my day job, and even more doctor’s appointments with a family member, this week has been a bear. On a more serious note, my girl cat died early Monday morning, as I’ve mentioned earlier this week. Processing that will take some time for sure.

My weekend plans are to continue with the move before I make the arrangements to have our services and utilities turned off here and reassigned to the new house.

I’m definitely looking forward to finally washing my hands of the stupid satellite TV. They paid 300 bucks a month to watch one channel off of it anyway, literally ONE channel.

Yeah, I’m sick and tired of this wretched company. I wanna scream every time I think of them and the money they’re guzzling from my family. They’re getting a Roku with Paramount Plus, which has all the TV shows they cranked up loud enough I could probably hear it in Mexico, and at a near-giveaway price compared to this nonsense.

How about you, readers?  What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s get this party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links to share and talk about as well.

Great post about procrastinating, and putting things off until later.

On a more serious note, this article deals with racism and prejudice toward certain groups of people as a heads-up. It talks about what Tiffany Moon went through during her time on Real Housewives of Dallas, and it’s a tough read. The Real Housewives series aren’t something I follow, but seriously, the Powers that Be with those shows really need to do better by their participants and their audience. That being said, Tiffany’s seriously goals, and her Instagram is major cool! [EDIT 12-1-2021: The link to Tiffany’s website isn’t working, however, it’s easily accessible through her Instagram. EDIT 2-26-2023: Updated the link to the website instead of the Instagram.]

In the world of antennas and cord-cutting, it’s nice to see dishonest companies being held accountable for their claims like in this article and the complaint itself. Readers, if you’re in the market for an antenna, know that channels found on cable like AMC or DIY Network can’t be had on an over-the-air antenna. They’re solely cable channels, however, there are similar channels available on network TV, depending on your market. Tell anyone you know that’s also in the market for an antenna, especially if they’re senior citizens.

Great post about ways of dealing with emotionally unhealthy, toxic, or worse people in your life. While this is geared toward those within the South Asian communities, I feel like there’s some valuable takeaways regardless of demographics. If this hits close to home for you, know that I see you, their behavior isn’t ok, and that you matter to me. [EDIT 2-26-2023: The original post is gone, so I added the link to the site itself instead.]

Interesting read about how Fisk caskets were a thing for like a nanosecond during the early Victorian era. Seriously, those things are creepy af!

Color can change a room’s perception according to this post. If the rooms I used to make for my Sims back in the day when I played it is anything to go by, it’s totally true.

Great ways to save money at the store. While I’ve had the Ibotta app for several years, and have designated my earnings as emergency money, this will come even more in handy after the move, since money’s gonna be tight for awhile.

I’ve said before that I’m a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell, but I’ve heard from some people that they just aren’t creative. No judgment from me! This post is a great way to hone your creativity if it’s not something that comes naturally to you.

I’d love to read this book sometime! My local library just got it, and there’s a wait list.

Neat ideas for a backyard overhaul. I may try out one of these at the new house, since it won’t be a yard full of mostly poison ivy, haha.

What a great video about the last student to graduate from the Cuttyhunk Island elementary school in 2019. Maybe this was what it was like for the ones to graduate from the school on Holland Island before it started disappearing.

This looks like a fun recipe to try out after the move. [EDIT 2-26-2023: The original link is gone, and the original site appears to be gone, too. I’ve added in a different link for something similar enough.]

Great post about books that promote diversity for kids. While I don’t have kids yet (hope to have them in the near future), I will definitely share these with them when they come along, as well as Pow-Wow Summer by Marcie Rendon, and The Range Eternal by Louise Erdrich.

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