Small Business Shout-Out: FOMO Bakery

An image with a box of FOMO Bakery gluten-free cookies, with a note from the company included.

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For those of you new here, I’m all about supporting small businesses where possible, especially minority- and women-owned businesses. It helps us keep money within our communities, and supports our neighbors’ livelihoods. One of these is a cool little independent bake shop called FOMO Bakery, offering gluten-free cookies free of other allergens with the exception of corn.

If anyone’s here seen Robots, Bigweld’s motto is “see a need, fill a need.” This is exactly what the founder, Brittany, has done. According to the story behind the business, Brittany was on the search for treats that fit within her dietary needs during her second year of law school after a food allergy diagnosis. The page goes on to talk about how friends and family would find treats, but unfortunately what they found was made in a shared space with conventional products, which meant cross-contamination.

As you may have seen in stores and restaurants, there’s offerings for dietary sensitivities, preferences, and allergies. However, these generally extend to one specific thing, so this means finding something that meets the needs of those with more than one sensitivity, preference, or allergy. For instance, something may be labeled vegan, but has gluten and peanuts. Or something may be labeled gluten-free, but have dairy, eggs, and peanuts in it.

This leaves people with these types of needs out in the cold. Until now, and that’s where FOMO Bakery comes in. Everything they make is done in a brand-new, wholly dedicated facility just for their product preparation. They even have suppliers that use strict allergen controls to ensure there’s no cross-contamination.

FOMO Bakery reached out to me asking if I’d like to try them out, because as they said, tasting is believing. I was totally on board, since they’d reached out to me just before the move. I gave them the new address, and the day after we got the key to start moving in, there was the box on the doorstep of the new house, waiting for me!

This was a hugely welcome treat, since I was exhausted after wrestling around boxes by myself for 9 hours thus far, not to mention taking apart a twin daybed by myself and dealing with an old, worn-out mattress. I powered through 8 more hours of this crap, too. 10/10, don’t recommend if at all possible.

Word of advice: never try to duke this out on your own if you’ve got any type of injury that left you with mobility issues.

Anyway, back to the goodies. I saw the purple and blue psychedelic-patterned box sitting on the doorstep as I brought in more of our stuff. It felt like an early birthday present, as well as a housewarming gift for me. I cleared a spot on the counter, found the old scissors I brought with me in the old Starter jacket I had on as a protective measure, and opened it up.

Let’s open this and see what’s inside!

What a cool little postcard, and a neat little information card! The bubble wrap definitely came in handy as I emptied boxes to pack the more breakable miscellaneous items back at the old house, that’s for sure. Let’s set these aside, and see what we’ve got here.

A package of gluten-free cookies sits on a marble countertop, wrapped in packages and bubble wrap, with a little postcard included under the bubble wrap.
The unboxing. Very on-brand for the little label there. I could definitely use that bubble wrap, though!

Let’s gank that bubble wrap for the teacup set I found on a curb like 10 years ago, haha, cut to the chase, and get to the good stuff.

The goodies!

What a neat idea for the packaging! At first, I thought there was quite a bit, but then I remembered that this stuff’s gotta hold up to the shipping process, so the tradeoff’s totally worth it. The clamshell packaging for each cookie sleeve’s likely recyclable, and the plastic shrink wrap holding them closed could probably go in those plastic bag recycling bins at the store.

Now, let’s see here. From right to left, we’ve got us some oatmeal chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, brownie, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chip.

Moment of truth.

I tried the snickerdoodle first, and OMG, it’s so good! Since the move was getting closer, things were way more hectic in terms of getting any meals like I had in the weeks leading up to this, so those fell by the wayside. But don’t worry, readers, I’ll be back on schedule when this is all over.

In addition to the cookie packages, FOMO Bakery even offers subscription plans on a weekly or monthly basis, both at a discounted rate from the one-time buy. You get to choose whether you want all of one kind, which one, and also variety packs. The options include a 10 pack, 25 pack, or 50 pack if you wanna go for the full monty.

However, as a general rule, not just applicable to FOMO Bakery, I suggest starting out with the one-time buy to test the waters, and go from there.

For those lucky enough to live in the local area, they even do cookie cakes in the style of those from that ubiquitous cookie shop in pretty much every shopping mall from coast to coast. According to the website, there are plans in the works to offer the cookie cakes as an option to ship nationwide, so stay tuned for that.

If I’m ever in the area in the meantime, I’m totally gonna try out their cookie cake and see what it’s like. Either way, I’m in love with these cookies, and if they’re anything to go by, I’m betting money the cookie cake’s just as good. I’m definitely gonna buy a package sometime soon, that’s for sure.

Over to you, readers. Have you ever tried FOMO Bakery’s cookies? Or have you tried their cookie cakes? Share your thoughts below!

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