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It’s finally Friday, I’m free again. I got my motor runnin’ for a while again. Yeah, I got that song in my head right now. Talk about serendipity! In all seriousness, it’s Friday, and we all know what that means: weekend time. My plans this weekend are to take on some more assignments from my day job, work more on this blog, and stop by an event going on in my neighborhood. It was canceled last year, and this year it just isn’t the same as it was before the pandemic.

Enough about me, how about you? What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot, and let’s talk.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links to share, talk about in the comments or with friends, what have you.

Remember how we talked about the Titanic last week? This article’s two years old, but it’s a fascinating read on the current state of the wreckage.

You’ve probably seen those JoJo Siwa bows around, since they’re every-flippin’-where. I’ll admit, I’ve actually got a few of ’em, haha. Anyway, this article talks about how they’re not a new thing. I think I may have seen a cover of Seventeen where the model had something similar to the JoJo Siwa bows from like 1945 or whatever. It’s proof this stuff all comes back sometime, eh?

Great post about ways to create an evening routine, with some takeaways for everyone, imo. [EDIT 12-2-2021: The original post is gone, and unfortunately, so is the website. As my favor to you, I’ll see what I can come up with, and link it here.]

I’m all about supporting small businesses, especially women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Shea Makery is struggling to stay afloat, and as a signal boost, they had a GoFundMe. I’ve bought from them before, and I love the wax melt warmer I got from them to bits! [EDIT 12-2-2021: They met their goal, and they’re back in action!]

These cookies look like a lotta fun to make. I may make ’em this weekend if my favorite cookies are still out of stock in the stores in my neighborhood. BTW, I wonder if adding jelly or jam to the middle will work for this. I may try it out on one and report back on that.

An interesting post about how quotes can help round out a story character. As someone who’s written stories since she was a kid, even though some of them only live in my head, I really like the idea of using quotes in relation to a story character. BTW, the premise of Light in the Dark Room looks like it’d be a great read at the pool.

A great post about the importance of betting on yourself, and finding validation from yourself instead of from others. This mindset played a role in how I lost over 100 pounds, so maybe I oughta apply it to the ghostwriting and proofreading services I’ve got set up in the shop. Money’s tight, even more so now that we’ve moved, and I’m so over living like this. [EDIT 9-6-2022: The original article is gone, and I no longer offer ghostwriting and proofreading services. As my favor to you, I’ll see what I can come up w/ on this topic for a future post.]

In honor of Earth Day, this video has some neat ideas for what to do with food scraps.

Love this story about a guy who went on to get two PhDs after his teacher made fun of him. Whoever that teacher is, I hope they’re getting humble pie by the 55-gallon drum right now.

How to make hard-boiled eggs. I’ve always struggled with this in the past, but I found this to be a huge help in that department.



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