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Ho-lee shyt, it’s Friday already. I can’t believe it! That means the weekend’s upon us, and also time to talk about our weekend plans. Mine involve a trip to the farmers’ market, Universe willing, some time with my new venture, hopefully a trip to the pool if the weather cooperates for the latter two. I’m also gonna knock out some stuff for the day job early, since I’ve been able to pick up a few more assignments. The work’s been sporadic in fits and starts lately.

Over to you, readers. What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot in the comments, and let’s get the party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links for us to talk about, share, what have you.

Remember how we talked about French fries earlier this week? This article talks about slap chips, a popular dish in Cape Town. Tbh, they don’t sound that appetizing to me, but I’m sure that would be different if I grew up there, in all fairness.

While we’re on about gastronomics, this recipe for apple peanut butter cookies really say “Fall” to me! OMFG, I’m so not ready for that. I’m still in summer mode, and I wanna stay there.

A family member of mine is now on a peach-flavored applesauce kick after I picked some up randomly from the store, and now I found a recipe for it. I may have to go get what we don’t already have, make a batch of it for myself first, and compare it to the store-bought stuff.

This post about Nashville really makes me wanna visit it sometime. As a country music fan since forever, this would totally rock!

An article about Audrey Hepburn, and how what came to be known as UNICEF was a charity near and dear to her.

If you’ve been following the world of football, and also the (very valid!) issue of sports teams that have mascots about groups of people, the team formerly known as the Washington Redslurs (I refuse to even type or say their actual former name), has rebranded as the Washington Team. I’m here for it!

Another article about how damaging sports team mascots that use stereotypes and caricatures about groups of people really are at the end of the day. None of the schools I went to had mascots about groups of people, only animals, so I can’t even begin to picture what it’s like to reconcile school pride with a mascot that hurts people’s feelings.

A documentary about the impact of plastic on our ecosystem from NHK News. I remember the ads on TV that talked about how plastics were the greatest things since sliced bread, and while they serve a useful purpose, the extent of the pollution it can cause according to the documentary is horrifying.

For some uplifting news, yesterday was Dr. Edith Renfrow Smith’s 107th birthday. Dr. Smith, if you or anyone you know happens to find this, happy belated birthday!

As a signal boost, the last confirmed sighting of Shamia Little was on July 7th, in Shreveport, LA. She had on a Nike soccer shirt in blue, and black and white gym shorts. If you see someone matching her description, do the right thing. Call 911, the NCMEC, or the Shreveport Police Department. Let’s bring her home safe!


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