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Another week gone by of endless job hunting with no results, and that means the weekend’s upon us! Halloween weekend, to be exact. The lead I talked about this time a week ago didn’t pan out. Obviously this wasn’t the outcome I’d hoped for, but in the end, this was probably for the best. At this point, I’m done holding my breath on any job ever turning up for me. I’m done.

This is opening up a bigger can of worms than I thought, so I may do a post about it later on.

Anyway, my weekend plans involve the farmers’ market, and maybe picking up a couple more pumpkins to carve in honor of Pumpkin Carving Day. Otherwise, there’s a Halloween party at this new restaurant that I hope I get the chance to go to. The weather’s supposed to be somewhat decent, so there’s that.

How ’bout you, readers? Got any weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s get the party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got us some links for us to talk about, share, what have you.

A family member of mine lives for Perry Mason. I’ve got plans to make some of this chili for them at some point, but I’d definitely love to try that halloumi at the end of the post.

Speaking of chili, here’s another recipe, closer to what I’d make for myself, but with turkey instead.

These parmesan ranch fries make me wish I had an air fryer, let alone afford one, haha. I know what I’ll be doing with the ranch seasoning packet I’ve got living in my pantry, that’s for sure.

Another spinach and artichoke dip recipe to add to my rotation sometime.

I’d also love to try this peanut butter fudge recipe. I wonder how well it would work with chunky peanut butter. Guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig and report back, eh?

A list of the best and worst Halloween candy. I like Almond Joy well enough, but I prefer Mounds. Whenever I’d go trick-or-treating, the Reese’s were always the first thing I ate out of my haul.

Steve Russell died recently. Here’s his work at Indian Country Today, and on Medium. Steve’s family and friends are in my thoughts.

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Nollywood, and atm, my familiarity is passing knowledge, but I found this article about how Mercy Johnson’s daughter’s being bullied in school, and it was a teacher doing it, no less. So sad! Honestly, any adult petty enough to stoop to the level of bullying or talking a million kinds of shyt about a child is seriously evil and stupid. Any teacher willing to stoop that low doesn’t need to be a teacher if that’s how they’re gonna be. Any school irresponsible and inept enough to condone this from their teachers deserves whatever backlash it gets, imo.

The remains found have been confirmed to be Brian Laundrie. If he were innocent, he wouldn’t have skipped town like he did. Guess that’s one way to beat any charges he would’ve had. Damn, Gabby deserved so much better.

In the market to start a blog, but don’t know how to narrow down the subject? This post is a great place to start.

Speaking of blogs, this one with illustrations is so cool. It reminds me a bit of the old-school American Girl books (not the series about the dolls like Addy and Samantha). With a couple exceptions, I still have the ones I had as a kid. [EDIT 12-4-2021: The original link timed out, so I’ve swapped it out for a link to the homepage instead.]

A post about the importance of mental health days. While this is definitely important, I’m in a place where a full day isn’t an option. Not gonna lie, I still can’t help but feel guilty about the few minute breaks I take from my day job, this blog, the job search, and caregiving.

Last but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 14-year old Janiah Bradley of Oceanside CA was September 14th, 2021. If you see a child matching her description, make that call. Let’s get her home safe before the holidays so she can spend ’em with the people who love her.



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