Happy Holidays 2022

Sketch renderings of 3 snowmen, one wearing a red hat and a red scarf and partially melted, another wearing a blue hat and a red scarf in the middle, and a third snowman wearing a brown tophat in the bottom left hand corner. A sketch rendering of a large snow-covered evergreen tree on the right hand side, and a background of snow. Text reads "Happy Holidays 2022"

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Blessed Kwanzaa, Eid Mubarak, and Happy Solstice, everyone!

It’s Christmas Day, and I’m sitting inside my mom’s old room, watching old public domain cartoons airing on Pluto TV’s Classic Toons channel. Some of it aged like milk, like others they air throughout the year. The double-digit sub-zero temperatures outside make walking to the convenience store unbearable, but I slogged through it earlier.

No Country Classics Radio Show today, but Christmas music all day instead.

This blog has indeed gone on the back burner for a long time, the better part of a year. This was among the absolute worst times in my life, and it’s been the worst 2 years of my life imaginable. It never had to get this bad, get to this point, or go as far as it did. All that hard work, only to end up w/ that crap.

Unforgivable and inexcusable.

I’m working 2 jobs now, w/ one on track to end this time next week. That one’s seasonal, and while I hope to be able to stay on after the holidays, idk what my schedule’s gonna be like since I put in for an in-house vacancy at my other job. I’ll know more next week or in January. If they keep me on, it’ll have to be part-time for sure, Sundays will work great, and I feel like I can pick up hours on school breaks.

Now that Classic Toons has moved on to more Flash Gordon and more Popeye, I’ll move onto the PBS app instead. A cooking show out of the UK talked about cheesy scones, and I may be open to giving those a shot sometime when I get the money to be able to do so. Otherwise, it’s stews of whatever I can find in the neighborhood pantries for a little while longer, whatever’s on mega-clearance, and whatever’s on sale.

I’m thankful for my jobs. I’m thankful for this blog. I’m thankful for the kindness of strangers when nobody else could help, or would help. Things coulda ended so much worse, and for many it does. I’ll never forget that, and I wanna do something to help others who are currently in the place I was in.

I have some ideas. One thing’s for sure, I won’t be helping any of the naysayers and liars who actively contributed to this whole mess for me and kicked me while I was down.

They’re on their own. I’m done w/ their sorry, stupid asses. I’ll let the universe and my mom, and my North Star deal w/ their crap.

Having nothing more to do w/ them’s an all around better idea anyways. They can stew in their suckitude, kick rocks, and get fucked for all I care.

I’m sitting on the blankets on the floor in my mom’s old room, and the Classic Toons just started showing one of their Cartoon Vault blocks of faded public domain stuff. I’m spending the day in my beloved Hanna Andersson Santa nightgown, which I got right before I started losing the weight, and I’ve lost more since this time a year ago. I couldn’t find the matching Santa hat I also got, so I decided on the elf hat instead w/ my hair crammed into a bonnet.

It’s now 14 degrees, and there’s warmer weather ahead in the forecast. I just ordered some new boots I was long overdue for, but couldn’t afford thanks to the job search and the heinously underpaying suck job I had before. I duked out last winter w/ what I had, and it didn’t go well.

I’d love to get a pair for a job seeker in need, and spread the gospel and good news of Kamik Snobuster boots. Right now, I gotta get myself to safer ground.

The other day at my seasonal job, I had a few callers who weren’t fans of the holidays for whatever reason. Despite all the graphics and the posts about the holidays, the holiday season’s historically been a difficult time for me also, for various reasons. Last year was no exception, and this year, it’s guilt by proximity. The playlist of holiday songs I loved as a kid and I put together recently, along w/ the playlist of holiday movies and this one from the Classic Toons channel hasn’t really helped.

I think spending the holiday w/ someone from a suicide hotline a year ago today exactly was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, once and for all.

That being said, I know the holidays are a difficult time for so many out there. If you’re among this group, I want you to know I’m holding space for you. Today’s almost over, and it’s already over in Australia. We’re gonna get through the rest of today.

Over to you, readers. What’re you doing for the holiday? Are you having a good time, or is this a difficult time for you? Either way, I’d love to hear about it, so drop it all like it’s hot and let’s talk.

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