A decorative image with a blue background, with silhouette graphics including a pair of combat boots, soldiers standing together, and a horse with a rider carrying a flag, and a group of airplanes. The image reads "To all who served, Happy Veterans' Day 2021."

Even though today is Veterans’ Day 2021, which means it’s both a bank holiday and a federal holiday, I’m breaking with tradition to stop in and post a little something as a shout-out to our soldiers. By this, I mean the ones who returned, and the ones who didn’t. The ones who are still here with us, and the ones who’ve walked on.

While it’s great to give our veterans a shout-out on this special day in recognition for their service, we should also strive to support our veterans all year round.

That’s what I’ve done, even before this blog came to be, and will continue to do so going forward.

To all you readers, and to anyone who finds this who have served our country honorably, I would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks for your service.

That being said, have a safe and happy Veterans’ Day.

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