Auld Lang Syne: Happy New Year 2023

A decorative image with a black background and fireworks in the corners, with the words "We'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne." Happy New Year!

It’s New Years Eve 2022, and soon we’ll be saying Happy New Year 2023. The only good thing I can say about 2022 overall is Good Riddance to it. In some parts of the world, as of this writing, it’s already 2023. I had tentative plans to go to a restaurant in a part of the neighborhood we used to live in that was having a NYE party, but it’s so cold outside, and there’s refreeze from the melted snow. Can’t risk another accident. On top of that, I’m due for my period in the next couple days, and I feel like absolute shyt. Try not to freak out, though! This is old news for me, not a new development. Instead, I’m staying in to watch the livestream of the NYE fireworks celebrations from around the world on the Roku channel.

So far, we’ve seen Sydney, Auckland, Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Athens, Berlin, Paris, London, and New York City.

I’m so sad my mom isn’t here to see this. The tobacco industry bastards made sure that wouldn’t happen. As I said before, my mom was just one of many who died that day b/c of this sick-ass industry, and many more who died since then.

As always, fuck the tobacco industry and the horse it rode in on.

Instead of Happy New Year, it was Garbage New Year for me in 2022. The worst thing about it is that it never had to get as bad as it did, or go as far as it did. 2022 taught me some lessons I’ll be teaching to my kids when they come along. This year, I got plans to get the ball rolling on planning out my family, w/ or w/o a guy in my life. I’m basically counting on single motherhood anyways.

I’ll be teaching my kids that any company who tries to lie to you in order to get you to give em the time of day is a company that doesn’t deserve you and they know it.

I’ll be teaching em about how predatory MLM companies are, and that they’re a business model we don’t need to support. After getting pitch-slap after pitch-slap for MLMs on LinkedIn during this infuriating clusterfuck of a job search, I’m done. I used to be fairly MLM-neutral, having gotten caught up in one back in college. FWIW, I never recruited anyone, and had no plans to ever do so. I learned that most will do their pitch-slap from the word go, but the more polished MLM hucksters will play the long con and spend months on end building a relationship w/ you only to groom you into selling you on their stupid MLM horseshit.

I’ll be teaching em to cultivate numerous in-demand skills, so that instead of companies acting like they’re the ones stooping to their level, they’ll be stooping to companies’ levels, and they’ll be able to fire companies as clients when they act out and behave abusively toward em.

I’ll be teaching em that it’s ok to walk out on an interview where they decide it’s ok to treat you like garbage or engage in consent-violating ways toward you.

I’ll also be teaching em that as rotten as the world can be, the kindness of strangers is still something you can’t ever put a price tag on. I came so close to being homeless over this job search, and but for the kindness of strangers, who knows where I’d be right now?

On that note, I’ll also teach em that anything can happen, so it’s important to have that safety net and nest egg made. I never want my kids to know how it is to have to rely on the kindness of strangers. We’ll come up w/ something to do together as a family to help those in need when the agencies that would love to help, are unable to, and the agencies that can help, choose not to.

I hope there’s a new level of hell for the agencies who fall into that second category.

I’m leaving the ppl who chose to kick me while I was down and lie to me behind in 2022, where they can rot forever in my book. They can help their own damn selves. 2022 only got better in November when I got my seasonal job and my main job, and by then, it was all too little, too late. The damage was done, and I was done even trying to salvage it.

Good riddance and thanks for nothing, 2022. Fuck you to 2022.

It’s now 5 minutes till midnight, and the start of 2023. I’m gonna go make some confetti from old paper I had living in my stash for way too long, and throw it out in the front yard to ring in the new year. It’s become a tradition for me, starting back in high school.

The old me woulda racked her brains trying to come up w/ New Years resolutions, and invariably, losing weight was one of em. I no longer believe in New Years resolutions, but instead, setting goals throughout the year. Every year when I’d try to do resolutions, I rarely ended up following through on any of it.

Over to you, readers. Got any plans for NYE? Are resolutions a thing for you? Or do you have goals throughout the year instead? Either way, I’d love to hear all about it, so drop it like it’s hot below, and let’s talk.

We’ll take a cup o kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

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