Janky Job Jamboree #2: Fool me once…

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It’s time to revive another series, and bring it back from the dead. That’s right, it’s time for the second installment of the Janky Job Jamboree series. This is where I scour various job boards, on the hunt for completely nonsensical, unrealistic, or super sus job postings. Sometimes, they’ll even be scam jobs. Either way, I’ll take screenshots before they’re pulled, redact any identifiers, and bring em all straight to you so we can laugh at em together while we have some club soda.

Today’s falls in the latter category, as it’s an MLM in disguise. I considered making it a Public Service Announcement to warn against job scams, or putting it in my Hunbot Hoedown series since it’s anti-MLM, since this coulda gone either way. In the end, I decided on Janky Job Jamboree, since I found this on a job board. I can always add the other series tags to this and address the overlap that way.

Without further ado, let’s hit the job boards. This one comes to us from one of the more mainstream job boards, and it looks familiar. And it sounds familiar, too.  As always, if any of y’all think you know who this company is, I want you to keep it to yourselves. This company doesn’t deserve the traffic they get as it is, and they don’t need the help. Leave this company alone, end of.

Screenshot of a job posting from ZipRecruiter w/ a location of Greenville, SC that reads "Sales Representative Needed-Training Provided. Blue box with a wifi symbol indicates this is a remote role. Job is listed as full-time. Gray box reads "Why Work Here? Great income potential. Amazing company culture with room for immense growth." Text reads as follows:Position: Field Agent Underwriter/ Leadership Position Employment Type: Full time and Part time positions available. Compensation: 100% Commission Based, UNCAPPED commissions with no limit on what you can earn. Finally get paid for the work and time you invest. Experience: No previous sales experience is required, our teams will help along the way.
Hold up. I thought this was a ‘sales representative’ role. Yeah, there’s some shyt amiss.
















A “sales representative,” but then goes on to state the actual role is “field agent underwriter,” and “leadership position.” Which is it, dipshits? Here, they’re basically flinging bologna at the wall, hoping something sticks, and hoping their potential targets, I mean “candidates,” will be too desperate to notice this.

I was, and it’s a horrible place to be. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.

But back to the job posting. This is despicable and predatory, 100%. Shame on any company, whether it’s scammy MLM horseshit or a legit company, who’s willing to stoop so low. Let’s move on to the next part, shall we?

Continuation of a screenshot of a posting pulled from a job board, and text reads as follows: Training: Learn from the best in the business and from ppl who care about your success. NO COLD CALLING!!! Are you tired of working for someone else, building their dream while you sacrifice your own? Do you dream of the day quality family time not only means something, but HAPPENS? Would you live to find something flexible but profitable to do on your own, have time for your family, all while making an incredible income and building a legacy? Then, look no further! Benefits of working w/ us -Knowing that you are protecting families and giving them peace of mind -You decide whether you work full time or part time -Getting paid for the effort and work you put into the business -Unlimited earning potential -Creates a Work-Life Balance -Training on sales and product knowledge is top-notch -A team type environment so you are never alone and help is only a phone call away
Here’s the bait… Aaand, my screenshot got cut off right as it got to the good part. Super lame!
















Joy! We get to learn from “the best in the business.” But who is this “best in the business,” and also compared to who or what company? And they “care about your success.” They would, cuz they’re the ones making money off our work, not us.

We also get to “decide whether you work full time or part time.” Bruh. That’s not a benefit. Neither is “getting paid for the effort and work you put into the business.” They’re specifically pointing this out and calling it a “benefit,” so that means neither of these things are true when they hook you in.

Notice how they make a point to say “No Cold Calling,” and then add a bunch of exclamation points. It’s like this is the first thing that comes up when they’re scouting for new victims to snarf up, I mean, interviewing candidates.

It’s probably been a dealbreaker enough times that they couldn’t get any takers in the past.

Also, notice the tense shifts and the grammatical errors? My guess is that whoever wrote this beast of a job posting was trying to sound smart, maybe so they could impress their prey, I mean “candidates.” I won’t highlight the specifics, so they don’t get any ideas on how to better hide their scammy nature.

Continuation of a job posting screenshot, with text reading as follows: A team type environment so you are never alone and help is only a phone call or text message away. Growing a business while growing yourself through leadership skills and training Industry-leading compensation packages Exclusive lead program National conference and extensive product training Branded marketing assets and support World-class travel and incentive programs Skills and Traits that we are looking for: Someone who is coachable and willing to learn new skills Driven and full of heart and passion Someone dedicated to helping others Committed to being full of integrity and honesty
Bruh. Quit using big words you don’t understand.















Got the rest of that last sentence in the previous screenshot where it was cut off. Anyways, how do you “grow yourself?” I think what they meant was something else that goes along w/ the territory of a legit job, but I’m not gonna give these turds any ideas they can hijack and appropriate in order to look good for their next victims.

Then we got the “skills and traits.” If you really think about it, what they listed means basically anyone w/ a pulse. They’re dishonest enough to go to this extent to look legit to unsuspecting job seekers who don’t know any better, then they have guts enough to demand their victims be “committed to being full of integrity and honesty.” Those hypocritical, predatory jerk fucks.

They obviously don’t know what integrity and honesty mean, seeing as how they have to go to all this trouble to hide who they really are in order to get any takers, and so many ppl still see the man behind the curtain.

Continuation of a series of screenshots by Bein Financial Group, alias "Bein Ohana Agency," alias "Ohana Financial Consultants" all front names for Symmetry Financial. Screenshot reads as follows: Requirements: Smart phone/computer/printer/scanner (or an app that can scan) A valid driver's license Reliable transportation Willingness to work leads in your county and surrounding areas Be at least 18 years of age Be authorized to work in the United States You must be able to pass a background check (no felonies) and either have a state life insurance license or the ability to obtain one (we will help you with the training and point you in the right direction to get this done quickly). We are searching for self-driven individuals looking to build a business for themselves, but not by themselves. We are seeking individuals that we can train using a proven sales system, a team of mentors ready to help you at every turn, and a lead generation system that doesn't require cold calling. This position is a home-based sales position that is extremely lucrative with an incredible commission structure.
Ableist to boot. At this juncture, why tf not?
















What, why can’t I do this on a bus or a bike? Those are pretty reliable. The bus, not quite so much from time to time. But a bike? That’s pretty reliable from my standpoint. I’m guessing this isn’t what they mean by “reliable.”

Oh, I get it!

They wanna really be able to run their victims ragged, cuz finding any takers in this day and age is like finding a needle in a thousand haystacks. Now that more ppl have caught onto their scheme, and now that the internet’s a thing, ppl can google their name and see what comes up.

Moreover, since more ppl are starting to not support MLMs as a business model by not buying whatever incidental products they sell are, those caught in the scheme will ultimately need to travel far and wide to find new customers willing to buy the product and overlook the essence of MLM-yness.

It’s just like the snake-oil salesmen of the 1880s, where as soon as the ppl in one town caught on and outed them for the scammy dickfaces they were, they’d already moved on to the next town over.

Text reads as follows: "Each year, thousands of homeowners purchase new homes or refinance their existing home mortgage. These homeowners are each sent a letter offering them protection if they would be in an accident, become disabled, or would die. The homeowners fill out the form and send it back in. Our proven lead generation system then distributes the leads to our sales force for them to follow up with, make an appointment, and go sit with the clients to write coverage. There is no cold calling, only qualified, potential buyers. This system is revolutionizing the insurance industry and is allowing agents to make well over $100,000 in their first year regardless of experience. With a strong desire to learn and grow, you will be able to replicate these proven results. Basic Job Description: We are seeking a field underwriter that is willing to receive information from interested homeowners and will then call to set appointments with the homeowners in their homes. While in the home, you will review the information provided by the client and present options that the homeowner could both qualify for and fit within their budget.
Yeah, this doesn’t feel sus at all…/s














Preying on unsuspecting homeowners’ fears in order to make a sale is totally unethical, not to mention shitty on general principle. So is making the claim of earning 6 figures, when their own damn income disclosure statement says results will vary, or something to that effect. They’re the ones making the claims, so the burden of proof is on them.

Personally, I couldn’t live w/ myself if I were to post a job ad that made claims like this, but hey, that’s just me.

Text reads as follows, with the company name Symmetry Financial Group obscured in green.Commissions: Most mortgage protection products that are written average a commission of $500-600 per family that is protected. Average field underwriters sell 5 to 10 protection plans each week. Extensive and continual training is done on the sales process and the products. Other products are also available to sell such as accidental policies, child protection, critical illness and more. About Symmetry Financial Group: Symmetry Financial Group is the fastest growing insurance marketing organization in the country. Our extensive portfolio of life insurance and annuity products include Term, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, UL, EIUL, Disability, Critical Illness, Annuity, EIA, SPIA, LTC, and more. Each of our state licensed representatives are independent brokers, and with that freedom, they have the resources to provide clients with endless options and the ability to customize the best coverage and prices that fit families' needs. Our most important focus areas include getting agents paid quickly, keeping costs minimal, and giving agents the training and support needed to achieve success. We host national conferences and events to support our agents in becoming experts on the industry-leading products we offer our clients."
Wait a minute. Let’s hit the rewind button here. Wasn’t this listed under a different company name?
















It was! The original listing is gone by now, but I’m 99% sure the company name obscured is different from the one that posted this heinous job ad. I somehow forgot in the amount of time that passed between when I found this job posting and when I posted this. With all the bragging they’re doing about how many protection plans the ones deemed “average” sell, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if they run outta ppl to sell this overpriced stuff to.

After all, market saturation’s a thing. Also, I’m betting whatever plans they sell can be found through the traditional insurance agencies at a way better price point anyways.

Text reads as follows, with the front name for Symmetry Financial obscured in green:"About Bein Financial Group: Industry leading company with lots of growth." Below the last sentence, there is an option to report the job listing. Job post states that it was posted 5 days ago, and below this is an option to "View All Jobs at [the Symmetry Financial front name]." Text below this option reads "What email should the hiring manager contact you at?" with a box below to enter the email address, and an "Apply Now button in dark green. Fine print below this reads "By clicking the button above, I agree to the ZipRecruiter Terms of Use and acknowledge I have read the Privacy Policy and agree to receive email job alerts."
Report’s a-comin, bwahahahaha!














How is this an “industry leading company?” How can there be “lots of growth,” when so many ppl who get caught up in these MLMs rightfully jump ship and move on to other opportunities, and when they’re constantly spamming every job board they can find a way to weasel their way into?

During my job search of 2020-2022, I came across more than one job board that turned out to be overrun by MLMs. It went against their terms of service, but these companies and fronts kept on reposting their ads. It still kills me to think about how many job seekers out there, w/ so much to offer and companies choosing to rule em out in return, are finding these sus job ads, only to either get caught up in their traps, or feel like that’s all they’re worth.

I had a few close calls w/ what turned out to be MLMs in disguise in that time. The worst one came along less than a month after my mom died, and they totally lied in the posting I found of theirs. I was out tying up some loose ends w/ my mom’s estate, which was virtually nonexistent. I got a phone call from an out of state number I didn’t recognize, and it was them. I had to cut my trip short on account of them, and the sales pitch came less than 10 minutes after I made the 3 hour walk home.

The jerk who called was aggressive in the sales pitch, and by then, I knew something was off. They bragged lyrical about how they spend all this money for leads, for this, that and the next, blah blah blah. As soon as I said I was looking for a salary, they ditched my ass but good.

Bullet dodged.

The job post I responded to was still up and running, and I reported them to the admins. Since their algorithm bombed me w/ MLM after MLM after MLM, based on that job post, I closed my account there.

The admins pulled the listing, but they came back months later, like turds that won’t flush.

Someone on LinkedIn once said that the job seekers the Powers that Be choose to abuse and destroy today will celebrate their downfall tomorrow. I feel like this applies to the MLMs who pull out all the stops to dupe unsuspecting job seekers, and also job seekers w/ very few (if any other) options for whatever reason.

Cheaters never prosper, at least not in the long run, after all.

So, where do we go from here? If anyone reading this is going through a job search and noticing something similar, or got caught up in an MLM through these job boards, I’m so sorry this is how it is, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Job seekers, y’all deserve so much better.

We got some recourse, and that’s to report the postings to the admins of whatever job boards you find these jerky sus companies on. In some cases, I wonder if the reports even see a human, but instead disappear into the void. I’ve actually found success reaching out to site owners and billing departments about the MLMs I find on the mainstream and the niche job boards. Mileage varies on this, though.

As sad as it is to think about, some of these job boards don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about job seekers’ safety when push comes to shove. All they seem to care about is the moolah.

Lucky for us, job boards like this are outliers, and not the norm.

That being said, it’s important to remember that the majority of job boards do care, and their site admins take the appropriate action against these MLM fronts. I wonder if the admins of these job boards ban the MLM from their site after pulling their listings, and I’m hoping they do.

Either way, report these postings at whatever job board you’re on. The more we report them, the harder it’ll be for them to find new victims and sustain whatever level in the MLM ranks they’re at.

Eventually, they’ll give up the ghost, or they’ll run outta job boards to scout for victims. That’s when they’ll need to stoop to the level of us so-called lowly peons, and get a day job.

It’s better than being in an MLM any day.

If you’re in a similar place to where I was during my job search, and you ever get to feeling like an MLM is all you’re worth, I want you to know that you’re worth more than that. You deserve a paying job, w/ opportunities for advancement and salary/wage raises. That’s something you’ll never get in an MLM, no matter what the job ads or the pitch-slappers say.

You deserve better than an MLM. Periodt.

Over to you, readers. Have you come across similar job postings to this one? Did you apply? Know someone who has, or even applied? I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways, so drop it all like it’s hawt, and let’s talk.

Missed the previous installment(s)? No worries! I gotcha covered: 1

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