Can we talk about Monster Jam?

As a heads-up, this post contains content that was taken at a Monster Jam event before the pandemic started. Anyway, if you’ve been here for any length of time, mention of Monster Jam has probably come up at least once. They were in my area recently, and I ended up not going. The move was only a couple of weeks before then, and I was busy playing catch-up with my day job, along with other family-related things.

It also didn’t help that the physical effects from me spending anywhere from 9 to 17 hours a day on the move, and then roughly 8 hours getting the last of the stuff over and doing some cleaning as a favor to our now-former landlord.

I was so bummed that I didn’t get the chance to go. However, since the pandemic’s still a thing, I feel like it was probably for the best that I ended up not going this year.

On the flip side, they were in town before, back in 2019, and I had the chance to go then. I bought the cheapest ticket available, which put me in the back row of the second-level seating. Last seat, last row, to be exact, haha.

I bought my ticket in advance, and made sure to clear a spot on my schedule for the day of my ticket admission. The week leading up to Monster Jam, I busted my ass with my day job, hammering out assignments like someone had me at gunpoint. It resulted in roughly 3 hours of sleep a night those few days leading up to it.

The insane workload ended up being worth it, since the night before the show ended up being pay day, and I’d closed out on several assignments just in the nick of time.

I grabbed my ticket, my phone, and my gym bag. I wheeled my bike out from the basement garage door, pushed it across the growing weeds in the backyard, down the hilly driveway, and onto the street. I ended up leaving a bit later than I’d hoped, but if I hauled ass on my bike to the arena, I could make it just in time.

I arrived at the arena to find an enormous crowd of people at the door. There was no bike rack, which has kept me from going to events there with any regularity. I felt like if they didn’t have a bike rack, then that told me I’m of no importance to them as a customer.

I found a place to lock it up, and got in line. After some hiccups I’ll fast forward through and get into some other time, I made it back to the arena. The crowd had lessened in the time it took between when I left and when I got back.

I went in and found my seat in the back on the second level. The fun had just started, so I was definitely in the nick of time.

This was my first time at a Monster Jam event. I’d always wanted to go to a monster truck pull or a monster truck event, but it never happened. They didn’t like stuff like that anyway.

Now it did, and I wished I could bring the people I worked on assignments with at my day job with me. I wished I could bring my family with me, too.

I pretended to myself they were all with me that night, and with this post, I’m bringing you readers with me too.

The noise from the truck engines roaring was loud enough anyone walking by outside the arena could’ve felt it and heard it. The sound was physically painful, as much as I hate to admit it here. I had to get up and go out into the concourse, and saw a kid outside plugging their ears. I had my earplugs in, and I had another pair (unused, in case anyone’s wondering) knocking around in my purse.

The earplugs weren’t foolproof, but they made it livable, and I told the kid that as I gave my extra pair to them.

I went back in the arena after I had to make a stop for some Diet Sprite to wet the ol’ whistle, and got back when each truck made their lap around the pit. Grave Digger, Monster Energy Drink, Scooby Doo, Soldier Fortune, and several others drove the pit, and flew into the air after they hit the ramp.

It was then time for the intermission, and a lot of us went out into the concourse. I spent most of the intermission walking laps around the arena, and finally stopped at one of the merchandise stands.

Just my luck, they had a few things in my size. Not near the selection of the adult sizes, but better than some I’ve seen in the past. I had just enough money to pick up a t-shirt of Grave Digger, and yes, I still have it.

They can come pry that mofo outta my cold, dead hands, haha.

Then came the competition, where the announcer told us all to vote on each driver’s performance. I didn’t, since it required something to do with an app, there was no WiFi at the arena, and I couldn’t afford to use my data like that.

Like all good things, Monster Jam’s event that night ended, and I stuck around for a little bit after the show to get some more pics. Like this one below, for instance:

Bye, Grave Digger. Until we meet again…

But I digress. Over to you, readers. Ever been to Monster Jam? Or a monster truck pull? Got any plans to go to one when the pandemic’s over? Sound off below!

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