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Whoa, this week’s gone by quickly. I can’t believe weekend time is upon us again. It’s been a difficult week in terms of life outside the blog, all with a seasonal allergy attack thrown in for good measure. In any case, TGIF, all the way. This weekend, I’m gonna drop some stuff off at a neighborhood spring cleanup event that’s lived here for way too long, and it was stuff I couldn’t leave on the curb during the move. Hopefully I’ll have the second wind to make it to the neighborhood farmer’s market starting this weekend, haha.

If not, there’s always next week.

How ’bout you, readers? What are your weekend plans? Drop ’em like they’re hot below, and let’s get the party started.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got some links for us to share, talk about, what have you.

We lost Headmaster Nolan, or Norman Lloyd this week. He was 106. Damn, what a life he lived! I hope I get to live that long, and I hope the same for you too.

What cool rides, and a commentary on them too! It’s always fun seeing a tricked-out lowrider car on the street. My favorite one out of that photo set is the green early 80s Monte Carlo. Talk about a brand going on right there!

This wardrobe setup is goals, right here! This would be perfect for the closets here, or maybe even as a standalone unit in the basement. It makes me wish my town had an IKEA, since shipping (understandably) costs a fortune for something like that.

Great article about how Native nations are reflecting on terms they’ve used historically as descriptors that have morphed into derogatory sayings over the years.

A bunch of ideas for journaling. I think I’m gonna go hunt for my unused notebook stash that’s either in the basement or the she shed this weekend, and try these out in it.

Ways to overcome being a perfectionist. Show of hands, who’s felt like it had to be perfect or else, for whatever reason? Guilty as charged here.

It’s no secret among those who know me IRL that I’m a huge fan of amusement parks and water parks. I’d love to travel to each of these someday.

According to this article, the minimalism trend has shifted toward maximalism, largely due to the pandemic. It’s easy to see how and why, imo.

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