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What’s good, everyone? It’s been the weirdest week in the universe, going by quickly, and yet nothing’s changed. The weekend’s upon us, and that means it’s time to talk about our weekend plans. Mine are to continue serving out my life sentence. I’ve opened the doors back up to freelance work, but this time, I’m making some changes so I don’t get scammed yet again. This will be my final attempt at freelance work, and if it still doesn’t work out, I’m done with it, once and for all. Nobody can or will convince me otherwise. I’ll also be taking down my “Work With Me” page while I’m at it.

I’m laying low this weekend. My neck of the woods is a tundra on steroids this time of year, and after some above-freezing weather, the re-freeze has turned my backyard into a skating rink. Just like it was at the old house. After a near-miss going to the store this afternoon, I’m not risking another accident. Can’t afford it anyway.

Over to you, readers. Got any weekend plans? I know, I know! I bet y’all will be watching the Super Bowl and the Olympics, and you’ll be having watch parties with everyone in the neighborhood at your houses. Right? I hope so. If not, I’d still love to hear about it.

To ring in the weekend, I’ve got us some links to talk about, share, what have you.

This bread/microwave mug cake recipe looks like it’d be fun to make. It’s like the banana mug cake I’ve had on repeat several times since I found it, it can be made in the microwave according to the video.

I’ve been exploring air fryers, and I saw the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore air fryer on Wally World’s website. I love that it comes in green. However, I’m gonna keep my options open based on this review.

Love this post about Black mothers from The Mom Project!

Speaking of which, there’s been few Black architects, and I’d love to see that change. Love this post about the contributions Black architects have made thus far.

10 years ago, Melissa Butler made an appearance on Shark Tank, and they told her to quit. So glad she didn’t listen to them, b/c her business has taken off by leaps and bounds since then. Here’s the website, btw.

Did you know Thomas Edison had a job as a “candy butcher?” Well, there it is!

Anyone here seen Downfall? Dieter Mann, the guy who played Wilhelm Keitel died last week. No official cause of death has been stated as of the date of this posting, but according to this article, he had mentioned he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2015. When an official cause of death becomes known, I’ll report back on that.

Bob Saget died recently, and I promised you readers I’d report back when an official cause of death has been released. A few weeks ago, I found references to what was supposedly the cause of his death, but they weren’t from reputable sources. According to this article from CNN, Bob Saget died of a head injury, and that he had an enlarged heart. He recently tested positive for COVID, but that was back in December. However, the article says that the tests can generate false positives even after the illness has run its’ course. In any case, the coroner ruled his death as accidental. Still tragic, though.

Canada’s increasing their access to affordable child care to 10 bucks a day for Inuit families. So here for it!

Last, but not least, a signal boost for a missing child. The last confirmed sighting of 4-year-old Codi Bigsby of Hampton, VA, was January 31st, 2022. The poster states that he was last seen in a black outfit with Spider Man flip-flops.

On a similar note, the AMBER Alerts for both Kennedy Hoyle and Summer Wells are still ongoing. Let’s get Codi, Kennedy, and Summer home safe to the people who love them, so if you see kids matching their descriptions, make that call.


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