Spammers’ Showcase, #6

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It’s been a hot minute since my last installment of our Spammers’ Showcase series, where I take screenshots of spammers’ comments around here, and roast ’em for your entertainment. We’re already at the 6th installment, and I expect this will continue to grow as this blog does. As always, I’ve obscured any emails and other identifiers on the off chance someone legit shares them. While there are a few others, today’s submissions come from a few CBD spammers and vape spammers, in the order they showed up in my comments box. None of them were approved, so you won’t find them on the blog.

Without further ado, let’s get started. In no particular, here’s this month’s edition of spammer fun for your amusement:

Why, thanks so much, Gregory! I’m so stoked to hear you’ve bookmarked this, and that you like my website. I’ll probably see you back here soon, if I haven’t already. Toodles!

Ah, you again. By all means, share your experience here with friends! I look forward to more of your spammy comments, and theirs too.

JFC, you spammers are seriously one-trick ponies. I swear I’ve got some deja moo going on. It’s the kind of feeling you’ve seen this bullshit before. Oh, wait. I have!

I haven’t heard of this place before, but after a quick search, it looks like they’re probably no longer in business. I’m basing this off of their last Facebook and Twitter posts being in 2019, and their website’s social media links aren’t even clickable. But yes, if you’re in the market for this brand, eBay and Poshmark are probably your best bet, “Naiara.”

No, I haven’t, and I don’t recommend anyone else does either. Shame on you for peddling dangerous crap and encouraging addiction transfer instead of real solutions to overcome it. Get fucked.

Idk why not. Depending on your location, hemp will grow just as well as any other plant. It’s why marijuana grows wild in some areas. I’ve seen some in my neighborhood, as an example, hence why it’s called “ditchweed.”  Ofc, you could always grow it in your basement under a grow lamp if it’s too cold to grow it outside. Just an idea I felt like I oughta throw out there in case you were thinking of actually growing hemp.

Well, good morning to you! The amount in CBD oil varies from brand to brand. A quick Google search will tell you where to buy what you’re looking for, though. However, if you’re wondering what “really works for pain,” this should probably be something to talk about with your doctor next time you see them.

Again, it depends on the brand. The amount used in your handle, however, could probably kill a Saint Bernard.

A quick Google search should tell you where to buy this stuff for your dog. However, I recommend asking your vet about using this stuff for Fido, and whether or not it’s safe for them. I’d personally steer clear of it for a dog if it were me, and I actually had a dog, though. But that’s just me.

The amount of CBD in your gummies should say so on the container. However, if they don’t, then that’s a concern for sure, and possibly not legal. In that case, maybe you should get your money back from the company? And ffs, quit taking them already! Just sayin’.

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